The push for Australians to take a holiday in the drought, flood and bushfire ravaged regions of our nation has gained great momentum in 2020.

So, I would like to introduce you to some special places in my heart – the country towns of regional Australia.

To get as many towns as possible in my list of places to go I have kept descriptions of the towns to a minimum. You can find more details simply by using the links.

So here we go:

Blueys Beach in unspoilt Pacific Palms


An historic little town set beside the Murrumbidgee, halfway been Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the Dog on the Tuckerbox and the statues of Dad and Dave and family.

Downtown Broken Hill where history abounds


This town may well be the most beautiful in regional Australia. The way the parks, gardens, clock tower and streets all intermingle perfectly remind me of a European village. It is just off the Sydney to Melbourne Highway and you could easily spend several days just relaxing and breathing in the fresh air.

Peterborough, Australia’s railway town


Cloncurry’s links to Qantas are well known, but it is a real Outback town with wide streets, great pubs and cafes and friendly locals wearing big hats.

Enjoy a cold one and a yarn in Outback Cloncurry


There’s not much to see and do in Tea Gardens – but there is tranquility.  It is the kind of place you relax, walk around, have coffee and talk to the locals. I have spent a couple of relaxing short breaks in Tea Gardens and nearby Hawks Nest. Best of all, you can catch the ferry to Nelson Bay and there is a good chance you will see Dolphins on the way.

Say G’day to Dad and Dave on the Road to Gundagai


Historic town in a stunning riverside setting with beautiful Cameron Park stretching the length of the main street. The Wellington Caves are breathtaking and a perfect place to camp or stay. Right next door is the 18-hole championship golf course, which has the best setting of any course in regional Australia


Words can’t really capture the superb Boomerang, Blueys and Elizabeth Beaches. Seal Rocks and Forster are a short drive away. Make sure you have breakfast and/or lunch at Kembali Café, the best beach eatery on the entire Coast.


A thriving, friendly, historic town with a long history of mining, cattle and war service. You can attend the cattle sales, explore the bunkers from WW2 or just sit in the main street and watch the country folk go by. The town even had its own Stock Exchange in the roaring days. You could easily spend a week looking at the historic pubs, homes, parks and public buildings.

Beautiful Bright looks like a European village


If you love trains, you’ll love Peterborough. It is Australia’s railway town with big steam locomotives on display, historic plaques and tributes to the men who “worked the line” rain, hail or shine.


Another regional city where you could easily spend a week or more exploring. History abounds and the mines are fascinating with the “hill” perched beside the main street. Silverton, 20 minutes out of town, is the movie capital of the Outback. Lots to see and do in a city that really makes you feel welcome. I stay in the original home of Broken Hill’s first doctor, which has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur.

And a few more towns I love to visit: Echuca with its paddle steamers, Temora with its historic aircraft, Bendigo with its trams, Young and its cherry orchards, Roma with its oil museum and history galore, Tibooburra with its artistic pub, Barrington Tops with its unique forests, Coonabarabran – gateway to the Warrumbungles, Gulgong – The Town on the Ten Dollar note…and the list goes on.

So much so, we will have many more amazing country towns in the weeks to come.

As so many areas have been hit by nature, we recommend that you check with the local authorities that the area is open for business,

Follow this link to Tourism Australia and check out the attractions in each State and Territory:

Words and images: Dallas Sherringham

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