Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) is thrilled to announce that they have re-signed as a sponsor with three-time World Long Drive Champion and proud Cook Islander, Phillis Meti for a second consecutive year.

During PRHG’s initial sponsorship year with Meti in 2019, she competed in four tour events, triumphing with three victories. Meti achieved her new World-Record in Arizona in April 2019.

Meti is known for breaking back-to-back World Drive Records of 408 and 414 between the years of 2017 and 2019 respectively. For the 32 year old, beating her initial milestone was not only a significant personal achievement but was ground-breaking in the history of women’s division golf.

“It is an honour to be wearing the Pacific Resort Hotel Group logo again on my shirt for the 2020 World Long Drive season. I’m excited to get back out there and represent our small nation with a local brand that supports one of their own”, Meti says.

Both PRHG and Meti are recognised in the community for investing in and encouraging the development of young Cook Islanders.

Meti’s passion for golfing paired with her success at this age is a powerful example for many youth and her sport has become a useful vehicle for her to help inspire young people around the world,

“there’s nothing like helping your own at home – whether it be to encourage using our land to cultivate for a living, promote healthier living or hitting a golf ball as far as possible. I am a proud Cook Islander and I love my people” she says.

With PRHG at Meti’s side in 2020, all are cheering for another successful year for the Cook Islands reigning female golf champion.