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Two of the best walking experiences in South Australia have teamed up to create Ranges to River, enabling guests to walk in the spectacular Flinders Ranges and along the meandering Murray River, fully guided, over 8 days and 7 nights staying in outdoor comfort tailored to each landscape.

Ranges to River is a collaboration between two of South Australia’s Great Walks of Australia, Arkaba Walk in the Flinders Ranges and Murray River Walk. Arkaba Walk offers 3 nights in spectacular eco-camps and at the Arkaba Luxury Lodge — Murray River Walk offers 3 nights on a modern houseboat that moves to each daily walking destination.

The combined walks offer a magical winter experience on an 80 km journey through dry creek beds, isolated springs lined with ancient River Red Gums, craggy ridge lines and rolling hills covered in cypress pines to the majestic floodplain forests and coloured cliffs of the Murray River. Cruising on our greatest river and its meandering bends will leave you reinvigorated by these two outback landscapes.

‘’The best way to understand South Australia’s incredibly varied and spectacular landscape is to immerse yourself in the stories that lie behind the exterior.  And the best way to do that is on foot and in the company of local specialists who have a real passion for the place.  The contrast from the ancient geological ramparts of the Flinders Ranges to the waters of the Murray River brings out South Australia’s diversity in an understated level of comfort and style.’’ Charles Carlow – Founder of Arkaba Walk

“Having experienced both of these walks you will love the landscape diversity, the wildlife, the environmental and cultural sensitivity of the trails, the guides who will bring these landscapes to life, and the use of local food and wines incorporated into each superb daily menu.” Tony Sharley — founder of Murray River Walk

Three departure dates are planned for 2020 — 11th June, 16th July, 6th August.