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The Editorial this week highlights:- a. French President Emmanuel Macron visited Mayotte and Reunion Islands. b. Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa makes the list of best African countries to visit in 2019. c. Seychelles at Tang Soo Do karate in Netherlands for the European World Championship – wins 32 medals. d. Seychelles present at the One Young World Summit at Royal Albert Hall in London. e. Seychelles Fashion Week is coming. f. Routes Africa will be the event to close 2019 for the Continent . Stand alone articles this week:- 1. Creole Travel Services of Seychelles celebrates its 20th Anniversary. 2. Indian Ocean Lodge of Praslin promotes the Creole Culture as the islands celebrate its Festival Kreol 3. Omarjee Aviation with Alitalia in Mauritius. 4. Reunion Island – 25th October another volcano eruption. 5. Seychelles launches its first Nature Trail competition. 6. Abu Dhabi Airports signs historic MoU with Beijing Daxing International Airport. 7. 25 artists exhibit work at International Conference Centre during fifth anniversary of Seychelles Arts. 8. Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation to collaborate on projects under Pristine Seychelles campaign. 9. Zanzibar welcomes first ever commercial B747 flight. 10. Ethiopian to Resume Flight to Athens. 11. High net-worth investors driving hospitality sector in Francophone Africa (Seychelles & Mauritius in list) . 12. 12 Fascinating Things To Know About Seychelles according to CULTURE TRIP. 13. Closing Notes.

Alain St.Ange

Welcome to this 32nd edition of Vol 3 of the Saint Ange Tourism Report of 2019. An important week for the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands as the French President Emmanuel Macron visited Mayotte and Reunion Islands.

This visit should have helped to bring the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands into the spotlight and help indirectly the six islands tourism. He was part of a positioning exercise for Reunion aptly called “Choose Reunion”.

Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa makes the list of best African countries to visit in 2019

Ahead of the pack is a good place to be when competing for the same holiday makers. Mauritius ranked 54 on the world wide Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index measures is followed by South Africa at 61 and Seychelles at 62. Topping the list as the best is Spain, France, Germany, Japan, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy. Many African mainland countries find themselves trailing totally at the bottom of the list. How visible is the country? how does tourism benefit the people and the economy of the country? and how sustainable is the tourism industry? continues to play a big part in making it on this Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index List.

These are the best and worst countries for tourists to visit in 2019, according to the WEF’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. For over a decade the hashtag#WorldEconomicForum engaged leaders in hashtag#travel and tourism to carry out an in-depth hashtag#analysis of the travel and tourism (T&T) competitiveness. Published biennially, the hashtag#Report benchmarks the T&T competitiveness of 140 hashtag#economies and measures the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the T&T sector, which in turn, contributes to the hashtag#development and hashtag#competitiveness of a country.

In 2018, according to the hashtag#WorldTourismOrganization, the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide reached 1.4 billion, two years before it was predicted to do so. That year also marked the seventh year in a row where the growth in tourism exports (+4%) exceeded the growth in merchandise exports (+3%). Given this rapid pace of growth, the prediction that international arrivals will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 may be conservative.

This presents enormous potential for the sector and economies globally as travel is further democratised. https://lnkd.in/dw2Hn4p

How does your country rank?

Top 3 African countries hashtag#Mauritius (Number 54) hashtag#SouthAfrica (Number 61) hashtag#Seychelles (Number 62)
Seychelles at Tang Soo Do karate in Netherlands for the European World Championship – wins 32 medals

Congratulations to the Seychelles Tang Soo Do Karate Team for their participation in the competing in Netherlands for the European World Championship. The Seychelles won 32 medals altogether, a really great achievement.

Team Seychelles did it again at the European Championship with resulted with a total of 32 medals

1)David Boniface-3 Gold
2)Steve Marie-2 Gold & 1 Silver
3)Alvin Bistoquet-2 Gold & 1 Silver
4)Dean Athanase-1 Gold & 2 Silver
5)Mastura Shah-Faure-1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze
6)Martin Cedras-1 Gold & 2 Bronze
7)Daniel Bedier-2 Silver & 1 Bronze
8)Tara Michel-1 Silver & 2 Bronze
9)Jean-Paul Philo-1 Silver & 1 Bronze
10)Lindy Bedier-1 Silver & 1 Bronze
11)Justine Madeleine-1 Silver & 1 Bronze
12)Joseph Bibi-1Silver
13)Louis Vidot-1 Bronze

Team Seychelles also brought back home 2 Grand Champion Cups again….Steve Marie in the Senior 1st Dan Black Belt category and David Boniface in the Senior Brown belt to Blue belt category.

“It’s been a great adventure and we thank all the parents and family for their support throughout, to those who believed in us enough to sponsor us and help make the trip possible” said a representative of Team Seychelles.

Team Seychelles also had this message:- To the team…Team work makes the dream work!!’ Discipline, dedication and hard work can never fail you!!, To Master James, thank you for believing in us always!! To the Black Belt team for the assistance. Last but not least, to our host country, thank you so much for your hospitality as always and for making us feel so welcomed”
Seychelles present at the One Young World Summit at Royal Albert Hall in London

Anael Bodwell with Seychelles Flag

Congratulations to Anael Bodwell of Global Shaper, Victoria Hub for joining all nations of the world at one of the most global and youthful event of the year “The One Young World Summit 2019”.

Anael Bodwell said that she was proudly flying the Seychelles flag in this sea of colours, culture and people.

Her bio states:- “Anael is a part-time Accounting and Finance student where she hopes to become a chartered accountant. She currently works full-time at the Office of the Auditor General in Seychelles. Anael was a board member of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) for 2015-2017 and also the Vice-Curator for the Victoria Hub in 2016. She is the co-founder of two national youth NGO chapters and has vast experience in civic work. Anael has experience in finance, budgeting, accounting and journalism; skills which she actively uses to carry out civic/community projects. Anael was a blogger and co-founder of the online newsletter ww.ptidetay.com in 2016. She was a nominee for the CEPS Volunteer Award in Seychelles and globally, nominated for the 120 young people under 30 working in the area of Family Planning. Anael is an ardent advocate for the sustainable development goals, with a special interest in poverty alleviation and health/well-being. Her contribution to community projects won her the Queen’s Young Leader’s Award for 2018”.

Seychelles Fashion Week is coming

Seychelles Fashion Week is coming back to the islands. Two days of Top Fashion in Seychelles is set for the 29th & 30th November where 60 Models, 20 international and 5 Local designers will be in Seychelles for the event. Top celebrity Model/TV Host and a Celebrity Designer will be Launching their New Brand in Seychelles.

The event will be taking place at Eden Blue Hotel. Congratulations to Terry Carolla for pursuing the initiative that is helping keep Seychellois in the spotlight and that also open doors for many a Seychellois.

Routes Africa will be the event to close 2019 for the Continent

The forthcoming Routes event in Africa will take place from the 8th until the 10th of December 2019 at the PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort, Convention Centre and Spa in Mombasa.

Lucía García, the Senior Conference Producer | Routes has confirmed that they are working on an aviation ministerial meeting on tourism in Africa is scheduled at the event. The organisers have confirmed that they are looking on how can we make the air transport market in Africa work better exploring the need of the ministries to work in harmony to form a cohesive picture to promote a destination.

Routes Africa is working to get together ministers of tourism from the region to offer the tourism authorities and ministries a platform to develop those conversations with the industry stakeholders and improve the connectivity of the region and to use the event as a platform to move forward on the Single African Air Transport Market Agreement and ensure that connectivity from Africa to the world and also intra-Africa to help support its social, economic and political integration.

The Routes Africa event will also focus on the infrastructure implementations needed to meet the SAATM and the opportunities that the Continental Free Trade Agreement could bring to the intra-Africa trade and tourism.