At the recent SPAN 2019 design conference held in New York, was awarded a Google Material Design Award for its application (app) design.

Since 2015, Google has hosted the Material Design Awards, recognizing “best-in-class achievements in employing the Material Design system, and honors the makers behind each design”.

This year, Google selected for the Universality Award, citing its “thoughtful and inclusive design tailored to the needs of a wide range of users”.

Google noted that the design effectively puts key information front and center, remaining consistent throughout 19 languages, providing an “excellent travel-booking experience for its global audience”.

Jiamin Wu, Design Director at said that the new design, on which work started in 2018, is an expression of the company’s core brand notion — a reliable travel companion. Design Director Jiamin Wu (pictured) accepted the award at SPAN 2019.

“We want to be our users’ go-to ‘travel mate’. That’s why we have refined our user interface from the ground up, so that from the moment the user opens the application to make a booking, to throughout their trip and even afterwards, users can be assured that will give them the information they need, when they need it, in an intuitive way,” said Jiamin Wu.

Listening to, and best serving customers has always been at the centre of the brand philosophy. Serving hundreds of millions of users from across the globe, in 23 countries and regions speaking 19 languages, maintaining consistency across markets is as important as ensuring inclusivity of users in different localities. “We’ve tailored the design, from layout to imagery and typography, to ensure our branding is consistent no matter where our users are from, while also making minor adjustments to suit different reading habits across languages.”

In addition to optimizations to the user experience, Google noted the use of thoughtful details such as imagery and illustrations that reflect’s diverse user base, making the overall user experience more pleasant. “We’ve used illustrated characters from around the world, from different countries and speaking different languages, coming together to bring to life the brand story,” said Wu. is constantly looking for new ways to make the travel experience even better for its customers and is honored to have its efforts in design recognised by Google with today’s award.