The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Kosmos Tennis have today announced AirAsia as an official partner of the Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals for 2019 and 2020.

The partnership with Asia’s largest low-cost airline will strengthen the connection between world class tennis and Southeast Asia, and at the same time showcase and promote the region and its unique destinations.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Group said, “The new-format Davis Cup adds a new dimension to the sport, inspiring and pushing boundaries for players, their countries and the millions of tennis fans around the world. Sharing and supporting our guests’ passions has always been key to our success as a brand, and why we couldn’t be more excited to be involved in this year’s Davis Cup Finals by Rakuten.

“The Davis Cup Finals are also a natural extension of our existing sponsorship portfolio, which now includes the World Surf League, Asean Basketball League and the UFC. We look forward to bringing our brand and region to life in Madrid later this year and hope that one day soon, we’ll see the Davis Cup Finals hosted right here in Southeast Asia.

David Haggerty, president of the ITF added, “The ITF is delighted to welcome AirAsia as an official partner of the Davis Cup Finals. We are pleased to continue to partner with premium brands who recognise the value of this prestigious competition, and welcome the opportunity to promote the Davis Cup, and the sport of tennis, to global markets.”

Javier Alonso, CEO of Kosmos Tennis also said, “Adding AirAsia among our main partners reinforces the international projection of the Davis Cup Finals. This partnership allows us to connect even more with the Asian public, achieving a truly global presence for the competition. The goal is that tennis reaches everyone and that the Davis Cup Finals are able to be held in all continents”

The Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals begin with a group phase – Monday through Thursday – with the teams divided into six groups of three, which will face each other. The top of each group and the two best runners up – based on the number of games, sets and matches won – will qualify for the quarterfinals. The champion will be crowned after the end of the eliminatory phase from Thursday to Sunday.