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transcosmos inc. has released “PitaPre (literally translated into English as perfect match present),” a gift concierge app. “What should I get for her/him?” If you have trouble coming up with gift ideas, PitaPre gift concierges are there for you. By asking for advice from the concierges, users can find a present from a “receiver-first” perspective. PitaPre is a perfect service especially for working women in their 20s to 30s who have more gift-giving occasions including friends’ weddings and newborn babies.

Download the app here:
【App name】PitaPre_Gift Concierge App
【PitaPre brand website (Japanese only)】 http://www.pitapre.jp

“PitaPre” overview

“What should I get for my friend?” PitaPre is an app that helps users find the “Perfect” present for the gift receiver.
When a user asks for gift advice via the app, various “gift concierges” offer optimal suggestions that match the gift receiver’s age, gender, lifestyle and gift-giving occasion. Selecting a present is not that simple and most of us have faced situations such as “couldn’t think of anything special, so just picked a basic item” and “ran out of time and picked one in a rush but it didn’t match my friend’s taste.” PitaPre transforms this troublesome present selection process into one that is “easy,” “fun” and a “shared” experience.

By enabling users to find a present from a “receiver-first” approach, PitaPre deeply connects special feelings between gift-givers and receivers.

Key features

(1) Ask for gift advice
You can ask for advice in just a few minutes. Find the perfect present idea for the receiver

To ask for advice, select information that is necessary in choosing a present such as the gift-receiver’s gender, your relationship with the receiver, gift-giving occasion and budget, and enter a question that you would like to receive advice on. Users can ask for advice in this simple two-step process – selecting and entering information – in just a few minutes.

Once setting the deadline for advice, users only need to wait for present ideas to come in. With this feature, users can reduce a potential mismatch, meaning, “putting a lot of time into finding a present that they hoped a recipient would like only to find that he/she didn’t.”
What’s more, by selecting a present from all other ideas and clicking the “PitaPre!” button, users can recognize the present as the best idea and thereby convey their appreciation to the concierge who has suggested the present (user’s request for advice will be closed when user clicks the “PitaPre” button even before the closing date.)

(2) Suggest a present

Your idea helps solve other users’ request for advice

PitaPre calls users who post ideas for a present “concierge.” All users can help other users’ requests for advice so everyone can become a concierge.

Share presents that made you happy or your gift-receivers happy, gifts that you would love to receive, and your favorite items. All your daily items and gift memories will serve as helpful information for other users.
Concierge level goes up when user’s suggestion is selected as “PitaPre!”

(3) MyPage
Save and collect favorite items that you have selected as a present and ones that you would like to give as a present for future occasions

On MyPage, users can stock questions they have asked for advice, ideas they have suggested to others, and ideas they have “liked.” Users can utilize MyPage as a memo for the next gift-giving occasion as they can look back and confirm the content as needed.
In addition, users can follow other users and concierges who they like from MyPage.

PitaPre Vision

“Connecting the future with a gift”

No matter how much IT evolves, we believe happiness starts with thinking about people we care about.

In today’s world where we are flooded with goods and information and where consumers’ preferences continue to diversify, it is very difficult to find a present that matches the receiver’s taste. For this very reason, we offer services that help gift-givers find presents that the receivers will truly love by eliminating disconnect and mismatch among gift-givers and receivers and selected gift products and services. With the ultimate goal of creating a new value in the gift market, PitaPre will enrich connections among people, and between people and goods, and create shared experiences through our services.

Story behind PitaPre development

It was a working mother in her 30s who devised this service. After receiving gifts for her newborn, she prepared gifts in return right after giving birth. Yet, after searching for presents desperately with limited time, she found that her gifts were not particularly appreciated by the receivers. Such experiences made this gift selection process, which ought to have been fun and exciting, painful for her and she had difficulty finding presents. At the time, she strongly wished for her “personal gift concierge.” And it was exactly at that moment that she was inspired to devise this service.

Under the concept of “making people feel the happiness a present brings” by solving the same issue people face, PitaPre aims to contribute in making society a more comfortable place to work and live.

Developer Profile
Ayaka Muto
Business Innovation Department,
Business Innovation Division,
transcosmos inc.

Ayaka joined transcosmos in 2012. Since then, she has been engaged in advertising related tasks in the digital marketing field.

In 2018 transcosmos held an internal business plan contest for the first time. Taking it as an opportunity to challenge something new, Ayaka submitted “PitaPre” as her business idea and won the grand prize from a total of 36 ideas. After winning this award, Ayaka kicked-off a project to launch the new business “PitaPre” as an internal entrepreneur. Today, Ayaka works on developing new services as a project manager with her four team members.

Ayaka is a mother of one. Whilst trying to juggle family and work, Ayaka enjoys taking on new challenges every day with the support of people around her.

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