More than a travel memoir, Christopher Schacht’s journey will make you sit straight up and peer deeply into you own soul as you examine who you are and who you dream of becoming.

At the ripe age of 19 and having just finished an apprenticeship program, Christopher Schacht decided to put a crazy idea into action: travel around the world with just $50 in his pocket. The only other companions for his journey were friendliness, flexibility, charm and a willingness to work hard. He was on the road for four years, traveled to over 45 countries, sailed, hitchhiked and covered over 62,000 miles on foot. He earned a living as a lockkeeper, babysitter, and fashion model, lived among aborigines and drug dealers and traveled through crisis-ridden areas in the Middle East.

In this book, the young globetrotter recounts his incredible experiences in a humorous and rousing way. He reveals what he has learned over the course of his journey about life and love, experiencing both the touching and bizarre, sharing insights you will not find in any travel guide. A German bestseller, Christopher’s narrative is entertaining and has the power to ultimately change the way people view and experience life.