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The “Golden City Gate” celebrates its 20th anniversary this year in the framework of the ITB. The tenders for the 2020 media competition have started these days. The competition is one of the oldest competitions in international tourism The corporate design of the international Tourism – Film-Print-Multimedia-Competition “THE GOLDEN CITY GATE” will be rejuvenated on its 20th anniversary.

The slight change is not only intended to modernize the competition, but also to intensify its online presence.

Düsseldorf communication designer Prof. Helfried Hagenberg and his team have slightly changed the previous logo. The new 20 Years logo is round, can be easily edited digitally and is very memorable. Clear lines symbolize the yellow half city gate and now mark the new logo.

Furthermore, the logo remains two languages. This is very important for the global activity (call for tenders). The colors – blue and yellow have become more flat and have been supplemented as a special eye-catcher with a white star. The writings in German and English are easy to read.

Gradually, the new logo will be incorporated into further publications.