Soil Scout, a company that optimises irrigation water and energy usage by providing permanent buried wireless monitoring, has joined the Asian Golf Industry Federation with the aim of expanding its presence in the region.

The Finish-based firm has gained traction in Europe by providing critical insight into data from deep below the surface wirelessly.

Jalmari Talola, Soil Scout’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Our small buried ‘Scout’ sensor transmits moisture, temperature and salinity in near real-time from up to two metres (six feet) below the surface, for up to 20 years, maintenance free. Enabling 365 x 24 insight and profiling allows our customers to reduce irrigation water and energy use by up to 50%.”

Multiple industry sectors are benefiting from the ability to easily and continuously monitor what is happening under the ground and Talola believes golf can be among them.

He said: “There are approximately 40,000 managed golf courses worldwide, using an estimated 9.5 billion litres (4.5 billion gallons) of water every day. This represents a significant cost to courses in terms of water and irrigation power.

“In addition, governmental water restrictions are increasing in many parts of the world, as are environmental pressures to be responsible with previous limited water resources.

“Soil Scout enables the continual monitoring and profiling, regardless of season or conditions, and the tailoring of turf care based on the specific conditions on each hole.

“Having accurate real time information about your turf enables optimising irrigation and making more timely turf management decisions, and thus your course will be in better condition.”

Eric Lynge, the Asian Golf Industry Federation’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Soil Scout to the Federation as an Associate Business Member.

“With ever-increasing scrutiny on environmental issues, all of us should be looking at embracing technological advancements that can save our planet’s resources.”

To assist in its push into Asia, Soil Scout has appointed Centaur Asia Pacific as its distributor in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.