Shangri-La Group will kick off the launch of WeChat Mini Programme and WeChat online pay services on 1 June 2019. This service will eventually cover all its over 100 hotels globally including Shangri-La, Kerry, Hotel Jen and Traders properties. This makes Shangri-La the first hotel company to offer a range of e-services under the WeChat eco-system including online pay and offline deposit for guests with WeChat accounts. By personalising their experience through WeChat functionalities, Shangri-La guests can look forward to enjoying greater convenience and stay experience, as well as enhanced communications via social media engagement on the WeChat platform. These initiatives are a result of the Shangri-La and Tencent strategic partnership on digital transformation inked in 2018.

From 1 June, WeChat Mini Programme and WeChat online pay service will be available in all 50 Shangri-La properties in mainland China. The full suite of WeChat e-payment functions will be followed in stages for the other properties worldwide. The introduction of Shangri-La WeChat Mini Programme will also enable Golden Circle members to link their membership with WeChat ID. Shangri-La’s official WeChat service account will also be upgraded by adding the access to the mini programme.

To celebrate this milestone, Golden Circle members and WeChat users are invited to enjoy an exclusive point promotions valid from 1 June to 31 August 2019:

-100 Golden Circle award points for Golden Circle members upon the first log-in to the mini programme

-100 Golden Circle award points for WeChat users enrolling to Golden Circle programme via the mini programme

-Double Golden Circle award points for each booking made via the mini programme

With the launch of WeChat Mini Programme and WeChat online pay services, Shangri-La guests and WeChat users will be able to enjoy smoother stay experience and multiple benefits:

•Seamless Guest Journey by WeChat Mini Programme

Powered by Shangri-La WeChat Mini Programme, guests will be brought on a seamless digital journey from the time they search, book, check-in/check-out (currently available in mainland China) to deposit payment. All it will now take with the WeChat Mini Programme is a few taps on the smart phone. As WeChat supports Shangri-La’s e-direct channel, the Group is able to tap into a wide range of platform resources and to engage with a broader base of WeChat users in China and globally.

•One-stop Solution by WeChat Pay

By integrating the multiple transaction touch points within the WeChat APP, Shangri-La can bring a one-stop payment solution to guests through the e-payment tools of WeChat Pay. Guests can look forward to seamless, secure and hassle-free payment process when they use the WeChat online pay for room bookings via Shangri-La WeChat Mini Programme. In addition, 46 Shangri-La hotels in mainland China will also allow offline WeChat deposit pay for check-in at the front desk from the end of May. Guests can also track the offline deposit transaction via their WeChat account and get instant refund upon check-out.

•Easy Access for Golden Circle Members via WeChat ID

Shangri-La Group has also brought the Golden Circle membership and WeChat ID together under one platform. Existing Golden Circle members can opt to manage their account from the WeChat end, while WeChat users can enrol to the Golden Circle programme directly via the platform.

Commented Yang Jiancheng, Shangri-La Group Chief Technology Officer, “Working with Tencent has enabled us to make much progress in our joint efforts to drive the technology transformation of the hotel industry. We are excited by the many possibilities and innovative solutions that comes from leveraging technology to create even more convenient and personalised experiences for our customers. We look forward to bringing more unique offerings to our guests.”