Bar Trigona at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur makes its dazzling debut in the hall of cocktail fame, claiming a coveted spot among Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 and winning the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award. Announced at the awards ceremony in Singapore on May 9, 2019, this prestigious accolade comes less than a year after Bar Trigona opened its doors, putting it on the A-list of cocktail trailblazers in Asia.

The Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award celebrates the bar’s hyper-local sensibility. The menu finds its inspiration in the natural abundance of Malaysia, with Bar Trigona sourcing many of its ingredients directly from small, local farmers. The maverick bartending team deploys a “root to shoot” approach, finding a use for every single part of the ingredient – right down to husks and shells.

A Honey-Splendoured story

Among the intriguing selection of locally grown ingredients found at Bar Trigona, none are more special than the wild honey produced by its namesake – the Trigona bees, who ply their sweet trade in the lush countryside of Malaysia. This sought-after honey, sourced by Four Seasons in small batches, lends a distinctive flavour that astonishes and delights the palate. Savour its sweet and sour notes in cocktails like the signature Trigona Old Fashioned, which uses honey in place of muddled sugar.

Expect the Unexpected

Head Bartender Ashish Sharma attributes Bar Trigona’s meteoric rise to its spirit of bold, playful creativity: “We take our guests on a fabulous, flavourful journey through Malaysia’s rich flora – from fruit and flower, to seed and root. Each cocktail tells a story, crafted with imagination and infused with surprise. You won’t find our drinks on any other menu in the world! This is what makes us a fan-favourite in Asia’s vibrant bar landscape.”

Where Tastemakers Meet

Bar Trigona also holds a prime spot at the cutting edge of Malaysia’s cocktail scene, bringing together a select group of connoisseurs to sip, review and shape emerging mixology trends. The Bar Trigona Foraging Club explores “farm to glass” possibilities through private trips to Kuala Lumpur’s sprawling countryside, with hands-on experience in foraging home-grown ingredients and designing new recipes.

Join the Cocktail Revolution

Craft-cocktail lovers are invited to join the drinks revolution at Bar Trigona with a celebratory Happy Hour, available daily from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Take in glittering cityscapes as you discover newly minted cocktails, created by master mixologist Ashish and his award-winning team. Skip the old standbys, and sample these innovative, locally inspired concoctions instead – from Blue (gin, lemon, butterfly pea flower, egg white) to Gula (cognac, dry curacao, lime, cinnamon, gula melaka).

This exclusive, off-menu selection is priced at just MYR 35 per drink – Bar Trigona’s way of saying thank-you to Kuala Lumpur’s cocktail community. For more information, call +603 2382 8888 or chat with us on WhatsApp or through the Four Seasons App.