To commemorate the month of Ramadan, TPC Kuala Lumpur embarked on a community project in distributing ‘Bubur Lambuk’.

TPC Kuala Lumpur staff preparing to distribute free ‘Bubur Lambuk’.

This was a joint effort between the Club’s Food and Beverages team, led by Chef Abu Zaren Bin Bakri, and TPC Kuala Lumpur’s Staff Welfare Committee.

The preparation of ‘Bubur Lambuk’, or meat porridge, started at 10 am to give some time for the porridge to cool off before the packing process began. A total of 250 ‘Bubur Lambuk’ packets were distributed starting from 4 pm. Less than an hour later the stock was exhausted.

“It is part of the Malaysian culture to serve ‘Bubur Lambuk’ during the Holy month of Ramadan. As a token of appreciation to the staff of TPC Kuala Lumpur and regular members and guests of the club we wanted to provide them with some special touch of ‘Bubur Lambuk’ specially curated by us,” said Chef Abu Zaren, Pastry Chef at TPC Kuala Lumpur, a Golf Course Facility Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

Steven Thielke, Chief Executive Officer at TPC Kuala Lumpur, said: “This special project is also a way for TPC Kuala Lumpur staff to create a special bonding among themselves, members and guests of the club. The spirit of working together will always be the best essence in cultivating a great platform of genuine and world class hospitality service in the industry.”

Those who missed the chance of sampling the ‘Bubur Lambuk’ have time to put that right by signing up for TPC Kuala Lumpur’s Lambaian Rasa buffet dinner promotion.