Since 2014, IKEA Art Event has been working with contemporary artists from around the world to create art that can enliven anyone’s home. In 2019, IKEA Art Event introduces a short-term collection that mashes-up tapestry art, rug handicraft, avant-garde fashion, street culture and modern design. The contemporary IKEA rugs designed by eight leading creative artists will be showcased at a free pop-up exhibition at PMQ, Central, in mid-May. Transforming into practical everyday items of great artistic value, these unique woven artworks demonstrate the effortless incorporation of art into life. Raffle registration for the series will be available on, and selected customers may place an order at IKEA stores on 25 and 26 May.

IKEA believes that creativity and your passion for art shouldn’t be stifled by the lack of space, as is typically faced by Hongkongers. A rug or tapestry of unique artistry can add colour to the finesse of a home and demonstrate personal taste without occupying additional space. Rugs are efficient in noise reduction, and its softness on your feet can ease the weariness of the day. Rugs can also define different spaces at home. Smart use of rugs can enliven and instil artistic sublimity to the home. “Art should be something accessible and affordable to the many people around the world. We create an IKEA art collection simply because we believe in democratic art. Some people have a preconception that art is about  oil paintings or a sculpture. But why can’t we take art and apply that to a rug? That’s what IKEA Art Event 2019 is all about.” said Henrik Most, Creative Director of IKEA Art Event. 

Craig Green Flatwoven Rug

IKEA will be hosting a short-term exhibition at PMQ between 10 to 20 May, to correspond to the concept of IKEA Art Event, and to encourage visitors to transcend the conventional definition of art and celebrate it in a newfangled art speak. Learn more about the online raffle and product order at IKEA stores on the event website While you’re at it, stay tuned to the latest happenings on the product series and the artists on Instagram @ikea_art_event_2019

Misaki Kawai Low Pile Rug