In an interview, Q&A or article, Tracy can discuss the following topics in depth, and more:

  1. What can organisations do when they overpay employees? In Tracy’s experience, overpayments to employees are more common than underpayments. When it happens, can an organisation retrieve the funds – and how? Tracy can offer her step-by-step guide that will work in most overpayment incidents.
  2. 7 red flags for payroll fraud. Payroll fraud is more common than we think. With most cases remaining unprosecuted, due to the minimal chance of recovering the funds, the fraud is often not reported in the news and is managed by internal HR processes. As an insider, Tracy can reveal the 7 most common factors that give rise to suspected fraudulent payroll activity. One example is regular masterfile changes: if there are regular changes in employee bank details or leave balances, this is something that should be investigated.
  3. 7 most common mistakes by organisations when hiring payroll staff. If your pay office is receiving a significant amount of calls or emails following a payroll day, it’s probably indicating inefficiencies and errors. There are several reasons why these occur. A payroll manager’s inability to interpret employee awards and legislation is one of them. Tracy can highlight the 7 common mistakes that lie beneath the employee payment errors she spots across major companies.
  4. The 8 most common employee payment errors by major companies.  A huge number of employers don’t know the basis on what superannuation is paid on. For example, superannuation is paid on a bonus, but you do not pay superannuation on overtime – which many employers get wrong. Another common employee payment error is major companies’ incorrect application of overtime rates under awards – particularly for part-time employees. Tracy can reveal the 8 most common errors major companies are making on employee payments.
  5. What are an employer’s obligations when an employee is sick during their annual leave? Tracy can explain if, and when, an employee has the right to change their annual leave to sick leave.