If rom-coms and ‘80s films (looking at you with the boombox, John Cusack) have taught us anything, it’s that grand gestures are always the answer. Next Monday, May 6th, Shoutable, a new app for everyday grand gestures, will give people the power to post personalized messages to LinkNYC’s 3,600 screens across all five boroughs. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in taking an early look at the app?

Shoutable makes it easy for anyone to celebrate the big and little moments of life by posting life-size messages to friends and family on LinkNYC screens — from birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and marriage proposals, to saying thanks, congrats or a simple “you rock.”

Shoutable is currently available for download for free in the Apple App Store. A User’s first Shout is free, and after that, each personalized message costs $4.95.

Posting Shouts is easy and each one plays for 60 seconds — plenty of time to snap a photo and share with friends (don’t forget to tag #Shoutable). That said, we wanted to offer you 5 free Shouts before Shoutable’s official launch next Monday. Just use the code SHOUTOUT when you’re in the app.