Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd announced today the launch of the new revolutionary AR9500M wall-mounted air conditioner. As the first wall-mounted air conditioner equipped with Wind-Free™ Cooling technology, AR9500M optimizes air dispersal method of conventional air conditioners by using two-step operation that allows the air conditioners to quickly and effectively cool each corner of a room, enables a still and ideal climate with no temperature fluctuation. With smartphones and apps, users can control the air conditioner remotely anytime and anywhere. Equipped with the world’s first Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology, it can save energy effectively, cool down quickly, and create a more tranquil environment. All of these innovative technologies not only bring new levels of comfort to home climate control, but also offer value on electric bill.

“Samsung is committed to unleash possibilities and bring more enjoyment to consumers through innovative technologies, technological advancement and new product development. Samsung’s latest ‘wind-free’ wall-mounted air conditioner will redefine market standard.” said Ellen Fu, Vice President, CE & Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd.. “This revolutionary technology allows air conditioners to create a ‘still air’ environment* and keep a room remains cool, which eliminates disadvantages of conventional air conditioners, including strong blasts that make users feel uncomfortable, and unequal room temperature. We hope consumers can enjoy a more comfortable and cool living with Samsung’s latest ‘wind-free’ wall-mounted air conditioner.”

Wind-Free™ Cooling Technology Enables New Wind Disperse Experience

Abandoning axial fan used by conventional air conditioners, Samsung AR9500M adopts its unique Wind-Free™ Cooling Technology that could gently disperse air through the 21,000 micro holes on its front panel to improve situations where the cold air is unevenly flow, and to create a “still air” environment* with a breeze so soft and even. Wind-FreeTM Cooling Mode is ideal for babies and seniors, who need room temperature remains cool in the summer but at the same time without direct blasting. It allows users to enjoy a comfortable summer. AR95500M features a streamlined, two-step of cooling operation that allows the air conditioner to provide a quick and long lasting cooling sensation of the entire  room. Fast Cooling mode will first lower the room temperature to user’s desired temperature. Wind-Free™ Cooling mode willthen run automatically to maintain a still and desired temperature without further users settings. Wind-Free™ Cooling mode operates the 8-Pole compressor inverter at a low frequency and reduces the indoorairflow to its minimum speed, which help saving the energy by a full 72 percent#.

Smart Control Creates an Unique Smart Home

AR9500M air conditioner is compatible with Wi-Fi control. Users can simply download Samsung SmartThings App^ on their smartphone or tablet, connect to Wi-Fi network to switch on or off the Air Conditioner, manage other functions and pre-set operation times via remote control anytime and anywhere. No matter where you are, you can monitor the temperature and power consumption of AR9500M through the app.

In addition, users can connect other Samsung appliances through Samsung SmartThings App. For example, in the occasion to enjoy a quiet and comfortable movie night, users can activate preset mode with just one tap to switch the air conditioner to Wind-Free™ mode, turn TV to movie setting automatically, and pause the operation of washing machine+ in one go, further enjoy the convenience brought by smart home.

Digital Inverter 8-Pole Technology Save Energy Faster Cool Down

AR9500M is equipped with the world’s first Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology, different from conventional non-inverter and general inverter air conditioners, Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology can reduce the torque fluctuations, self-adjusting the speed of the compressor, improve operational efficiency and performance, at the same time reduce energy consumption while maintaining ideal temperature, makes the air conditioner more quiet, durable and efficient.

* ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) defines “still air” as air currents at speeds below 0.15m/s which lack the presence of cold drafts.
Tested on AR07M5170HA, based on the accumulated power consumption of Fast Cooling mode vs. Wind-Free Cooling mode.

^ The app is only available for Android 7.0 or above (Samsung Galaxy S7 or above, Galaxy Note 8 or above), iOS 10.0 or above (iPhone 6 or above). The interface and functions may vary slightly due to app updates.

+ The appliances need to be compatible with Samsung SmartThings App and related features.

 Availability and Suggested Retail Price:

Model Cooling Efficiency Suggested Retail Price Available Date
AR09NXPX 1 HP (2.5kW) HK$7,900 Now
AR12NXPX 1.5HP (3.5kw) HK$10,500 Now
AR18NSPX 2HP (5kw) HK$15,500 Now

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