Discover Yosemite Tours is launching cell phone photography tours of Yosemite National Park on select dates beginning

May 18. Discover Yosemite Tour guides will teach the tips and tricks of how to take quality photos of Yosemite with your cell phone or any camera you choose.

With three different itineraries, these photography tours are specifically designed for the photography enthusiast at all levels. Whether you are an amateur or professional, a Discover Yosemite seasoned photographer guide will take guests to the most photogenic spots in Yosemite National Park.

Discover Yosemite also offers day tours into Yosemite for an excellent way to visit the highlights of Yosemite.

Dee Ann Smith, owner of Discover Yosemite said, “Discover Yosemite makes your visit to Yosemite National Park both relaxing and unforgettable. We’ll plan the day, pick you up, feed you, and transport you through the phenomenal grandeur of this national treasure. And after a day with our exceptional guides, you’ll have a much deeper appreciation of what you’ve seen than if you’d traveled on your own.”

Here are some reasons to take a tour and why it’s simply unbeatable next to driving.

☆ It is an efficient way to get around to see all the destinations on your bucket list: If you only have one or two days to see Yosemite National Park or Bass Lake, it is impossible to see all the major sites on your own. However, if you take a tour, you will see all the major attractions and more.

☆ Adventure the scene with your eyes: When you are driving in a strange environment, you are focused on the road, traffic signals or the gps, and it can be very stressful. Let tour drivers handle the stress so you can enjoy the adventure with your eyes.

☆ Frees up your time to do other trip planning: When you go on vacation, a lot of planning takes place each day, when you take a tour, this is all done for you which leaves the most important part of your trip for you to create memories. Plus, the guides can give you advice on other adventures to take.

☆ Meet other interesting travelers: If you take a tour, you are likely to have other tourists aboard. This makes for interesting conversation to learn about new cultures, explore the world together, or share places to eat and drink.

☆ Tour drivers are informed and experts on the area. Tour guides know Yosemite National Park and Bass Lake like the back of their hands. They will take you on an unforgettable tour providing you with history, current information and fun facts. Tour guides are great with people and entertaining too.

☆ Enjoy time with your out of town guests: When family and friends visit, you want to take them to Yosemite and Bass Lake, but why not take them on a tour so you can enjoy the time with them.

“Taking a tour is so much fun and it takes all the stress away from driving and trying to find a parking spot,” said Therese Williams, Visit Yosemite Madera County’s public relations director.

For booking a cell phone photography tour or other tours, please call Discover Yosemite at (559) 642-4400.