The first of May Labour Day Message has seen Kenya Journalist push for more policy details from One Seychelles Party.

Alain St.Ange is reported saying thot they will work to reduce the cost of living across the board and bolster the business community by reducing bureaucracy, and reducing Income Tax & VAT payable, which are currently serving to cripple businesses and hampering benefits for the people of Seychelles.

St.Ange referred the press at the end of the telephone line to the report on the spirited Q & A session following the party launch event where he had highlighted many areas of focus such as the proposal for relooking at per-seiner agreements for the Seychelles long term fishing industry as he pushed for rncouragement gor Seychellois to claim back this industry before discussing the trouble that youths are facing in Seychelles to secure reasonably paid employment in Government offices despite having the necessary qualifications under their belts, the alarming discrepancy across the board in Government for the salary of a foreign staff and a Seychellois staff who carry out the same functions in the workplace, the noticeable lack of enforcement for environmental related offenses.

The Leader of the One Seychelles political party condems increases in cost of living that will be harshly felt by the poorer section of the community and he appealed to the Executive and Legislative to hear the call by the people who cannot anymore make ends meet.
St.Ange said thst the One Seychelles party leaders will be our to meet people in every electoral districts to present their program and manifesto. We do not touch the leaders of the other parties because we have so much to talk about as we listen to the electorate.  “If we had nothing to say we would resort to mudslinging but we have an agenda for work and will stick to that. Every party has their style and party activists give a good taste of what to expect from their governments. We shall remain on substance” St.Ange said