The transformational travel movement gains momentum as the Transformational Travel Council (TTC) welcomes 80 aligned organizations from around the world as Partners. This pioneering group includes inns, lodges, travel companies, social enterprises, destinations, life coaches, wellness retreats, social travel enterprises and others purposeful organisations.

Since its inception in 2016the TTC has connected with many forward-thinking organizations, building a community of soulful trailblazers with great moral intent and empathy for the world and its citizens. This is the very first time the travel industryis intersecting at the fields of psychology, anthropology, and spirituality and realizing its regenerative potential, ecologically and equitably. “By uniting travel business intelligence with heart open consciousness and a deep respect for the world and its people, the TTC is the first platform in the travel industry to demonstrate such an integration of head and heart. ”Said Chloe Lauer, Curriculum Development manager at the TTC.

Many of the Partners who have joined the TTC have all been on inspired by their own life-altering journey and shared their Stories on the TTC’s platform. Uniting these leaders and shaping such organization around them is giving wingsto the movement. Over the next few months, the TTC will tie these Partners and launch educational resources to guide them in crafting and operating more meaningful and impactful travel experiences that raise awareness, inspire contemplation, and alter travelers’ behavior and choice on the road and at home.

Co-founder of the Transformational Travel Council, Jake Haupert, is honored to be part of this masterminding effort. “Everyone, each culture, our shared civilization must evolve into a more conscious way of being and relating to one another, and the biosphere. And that transformation starts within us, by traveling from the inside-out”, says Haupert.

*Look out for the TTC’s inaugural group of 50 individual Mentorsthat will beunveiled this August. These Mentors are approved as true practitioners and advocates for the TT philosophy, daring to be bold and shifting the travel paradigm from one of entitlement and entertainment to one of privilege and fulfilment.