Booking air travel is relatively straight forward in 2019. But imagine trying to book your itinerary in a foreign language, then things start to get a lot more complicated.

Today, Australia is home to more than 1.2 million people of Chinese ancestry and nearly half of those speak Mandarin at home[3]. China was also Australia’s second largest inbound market for visitor arrivals and largest market for total spend and visitor nights in 2016[4].

In New Zealand, the Chinese population is to set to increase to 0.31–0.37 million in 2025[5].

Chinese-speaking citizens and visitors will now be able to book air travel in their own language and in their own currency, thanks to the new partnership between Amadeus and Feijipiao, a Chinese-language online travel agency (OTA) based in New Zealand.

The five-year technology agreement with Amadeus will also enable Feijipiao to pursue its aggressive international growth strategy, with both India and North America on the horizon in the coming year. Amadeus was specifically selected for its global network of experts, helping Feijipiao take advantage of its unique offering across the travel ecosystem, using innovation, technology and integration.  The partnership is significant to Amadeus as it is the first Chinese-language OTA the company is working with in the Pacific market.

Using Amadeus’ Master Pricer suite of products, Feijipiao will be able to turn ‘lookers’ in to ‘bookers’ by being as relevant to the travellers’ needs as possible. This could include promoting specific flights through dynamic and accurate fares, implementing targeted marketing campaigns across Feijipiao’s online channels, and streamlining its SEO to drive more business to Feijipiao’s website to boost sales.

Feijipiao will also be using Amadeus’ Airline Fare Families to proactively prompt and deploy airline branded fares and merchandising content – offering a wider range of services and products to  its customers. This will enable Feijipiao to differentiate an airlines’ products for travellers while shopping, as well as providing a detailed comparison of the value proposition from competitor airlines

The first bookings on Feijipiao using Amadeus technology have successfully been processed in late 2018 whilst from March 2019, Feijipiao will also start using Amadeus’ B2B Wallet Solution to deliver seamless end-to-end travel payments in to profits.

Peter Li, Founder & Managing Director, Feijipiao, said: “Amadeus is a leader in its field – its technology solutions are second to none when it comes to speed. We’ve had access to its global network of experts which has been key in helping us with our plans for international expansion. We’ve also worked closely with its online team of specialists and that’s really helped us get this up and running. We’re so proud to be able to offer Chinese speaking customers in ANZ the opportunity to book through Feijipiao in their own language.”

Piers Charters-Wood, Managing Director, Online Travel Pacific, Amadeus, said: “Feijipiao has a strong proposition in the Pacific market. It is a business focused on the customer experience, which is an essential element to get right to succeed in the online travel space. It’s also important to be at the top of your game for search and to offer quick and accurate bookings giving travellers what they want. By using our travel technology, Feijipiao is boosting its sales, growing into new markets and successfully driving more business its way.”