Looking for the best innovative travel technology ideas, the ITB China Startup Award acknowledges outstanding new products and services that were introduced less than three years ago. http://www.stevecafeandcuisine.com/

The pitches and the award ceremony take place on 16 May 2019 from 3 p.m. in the conference area of ITB China, set to take place from 15 -17 May 2019 in Shanghai. The jury, comprising members of well-known industry professionals from Amadeus, Ctrip, Ping An Ventures, Tongcheng-Elong, KarmYog Education Network and Yuantai Investment Partners Evergreen Fund, has selected the following six nominees for the ITB China Startup Award 2019: Air Black Box, Nobility Technology Group, the Robins Barrier-free Travel, Pointmark, SeeVoov and TravelRight.

During eight-minute pitches the innovators have the chance to describe how their product will change the future of the travel industry. Particular emphasis will be placed on topicality and relevance to the industry. The innovations are vetted by the jury based on the uniqueness of the underlying innovation. This year the innovations reach from air travel connection platforms, smart bracelets and barrier-free travels to world-wide networks of certified traveler itineraries, video based trip planning platforms and air compensation services. The winner will receive the ITB China Startup Award and will be awarded a booth for ITB China 2020.

The nominees in detail:

Air Black Box is a travel technology company that integrates disparate flight schedules and products to create a seamless booking experience for customers. The industry’s first comprehensive travel connection platform “Air Black Box Panther” allows any airline to connect to another airline. It untangles the complex web of interlining, code-sharing, self-connecting passengers, regulations, as well as inconsistent data formatting, product choices and service levels.

Mildred Cheong, CEO, Asia Pacific Air Black Box
Mildred is a senior business executive with strong experiences in the travel, tourism and aviation industry. She specialises in business development and regional marketing of travel innovation and technologies and equipped with extensive Asia market knowledge.

Nobility Technology Group‘s (NTG) main focus is on smart gadget design for aviation applications for the comfort and security in the sky. Their services are based on developing smart devices by integrating on-board Artificial Intelligence. NTG’s products will cover many applications based on their multifunctionality, secure data collection and being user friendly. Their product “Smart Bracelet” will monitor the bodies of the customers full time and adopt to their health status with implemented AI to provide detail accurate information. It is designed to be cheap and accessible for any user all around the world, regardless of their gender, age and occupation. Monitoring status of health is now possible with the desired accuracy.

Hamed Ahmadloo, CEO/Founder, Nobility Technology Group
Mr. Hamed Ahmadloo is working as a research scholar at Beijing Institute of Technology, school of aerospace engineering. He has been working on different projects in Europe and China and collaborated with IEEC in Barcelona, Spain and Alta Space company in Italy.

The Robins is a social enterprise dedicated to creating barrier-free travel brands. As the first barrier-free travel agency in China, it is committed to developing a safe, convenient and enjoyable barrier-free journey to bring people into the society. To further enhance the mobility of the disabled and call for more people to pay attention to the accessibility of the environment. At the same time, the company will vigorously promote the development of eco-chains for barrier-free tourism. Their mission is to make everyone travel with dignity and freedom.

Haidi Xie, Founder The Robins Barrier-free Travel

Before engaging in barrier-free tourism, Ms. Haidi has been working on promoting social issues for 10 years, involving people with disabilities, left-behind children, workers and homeless people. At the same time, she actively promoted the participation of different stakeholders in government, business and NGO in community reform.

Pointmark bridges the disconnection between venues and their guests, by creating a world-wide network of certified traveler itineraries and venues on the blockchain. Pointmark creates a platform which core capability is establishing“Proof of Stay” of a tourist at a hotel or in a destination. Proof of Stay gives interested actors in the ecosystem a way to certify that a tourist was in a certain position at a certain time. Hotels are able to know their guests before check-in and tourists are rewarded for their stay at hotels. 

Michele Ruberl, CEO, Pointmark
Michele (Mik) Ruberl is a technologist and world-wide IT entrepreneur. Born in Italy, Mik jumped on his first startup in the UK in 1999 at age 22. At age 25 he ramped up the first 3G mobile portal in the world at H3G, then went on delivering projects for Ericsson, Deutsche Bank, Ducati, Pirelli. In 2007 Mik moved to China where he founded and exited a web consulting and a mobile recommendation engine startup.

SeeVoov is the first and only social, interactive, video based trip planning platform, offering a unique visual-based approach to digital travel. The company aims to change the entire perception of the travel planning cycle. The company enables tourism companies to significantly increase ancillary revenue through hotel booking, flights, attraction tickets, restaurant reservations, as well as provide their users with unique value added video entertaining content to enhance their travels.

Yosi Golan, CTO, SeeVoov
Yosi Golan, co-founder/CTO- is an experienced software developer with a wide set of skills pertaining to the world of high-tech entrepreneurship. Previously worked as a team leader for Applied Materials and held several positions with Nice Systems. Holds a B.Sc Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science from the IDC in Israel.

TravelRight is an international TravelTech brand, specializing to solving travel problems. The company is also building the bridge between connecting Chinese travelers with travel experiences in Europe. The brand own by MasterTrip Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong in 2018, TravelRight operates from both offices in Europe as well as in China. The company is the first air compensation service provider in China. Together with online travel agencies (OTAs), TravelRight is creating quick and efficient solutions to help passengers rebook flights instantly and fight for claims effectively.

Sophie Sun, CEO/Founder, TravelRight
Sophie Sun established the company in 2018.  Prior to starting TravelRight, Sophie was the first employee of Alibaba France and an Aircraft Delivery Project Manager with Airbus. In 2018, she was honored as an Olympic Torch Bearer.

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