It’s 2019! The year for ‘outside the box’ parties. And there has honestly never been a better time for bringing your celebrations to a higher level. 

With the age of social media integration and wanting to gather experiences over material things, there are a ton of fresh and exciting possibilities for even the most ambitious party-planners. Here are a few of our personal favourites.



It’s no surprise that photobooths have basically revolutionised the modern party scene, and now with the great variety of photobooths available – from traditional booths to GIF-making booths, and even instagram printers in Sydney -, you’ll have the freedom to select the perfect booth for your party. Gone are the days where you’ll have to invest in gimmicks like disposable cameras and shaky camcorders full of footage of your guests being caught off-guard. Now all you need to do is set up a space where your friends and family can dance goofily and snap happy, lively shots. Not only that, but your booths can effortlessly collate all your snapshots into a huge online album, where you and all your guests will be able to relive their fun all over again whenever they fancy it.

With quality photobooths that have been designed with social media integration in mind, you can also make posts directly to Facebook and Instagram! It’s a completely hassle-free way of providing your party-goers with a fun little activity that’s guaranteed to bring people together, as well as ensuring that not a single highlight of your celebration will be forgotten.

Smartphone Games

Party games can be a great icebreaker if you’ve got a mishmash of different people at your shindig. If your guests might not have many mutual friends, but a few mutual interests, party games are sure to get people connecting in no time at all. That, and all the trouble you might have with your traditional board-games (like missing pieces, lack of table/seating space, and maybe even cats jumping up and knocking everything over during the middle of a game) are no longer an issue when you’re looking at smartphone party games.

There are a ton of great apps circulating at the moment that are specifically for entertaining groups of people, with a variety of games like virtual board-games, Pictionary-style doodling, and even smartphone drinking games! And the icing on the cake? If you’ve got a Chromecast or similar streaming device, you’ll be able to stream your smartphone game to your TV and have everybody get involved.

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D.I.Y. Dancefloor

It’s a myth that you need a fabulous venue to throw a fabulous party. In fact, house and garage parties are making a huge comeback this year, and for a few great reasons. Not only are you making the most of your own space, but throwing a party in your own home is guaranteed to make your guests feel super comfy and ready for anything. That and, with all the connected home tech that’s available to us now, it’s so easy to cultivate an amazing party environment in the comfort of your own home.

Investing in some great smart speakers and lighting can basically allow you to build a thousand different atmospheres, something for each kind of party you might throw. Some smart lighting also come with rhythm features now, so different light patterns can dance along to your music, creating the ultimate makeshift dance floor!

Humankind has always made the most of whatever’s available to us, using our resources to reach new heights throughout the course of history. And there’s no doubt about it that this is the age where technology meets entertainment: the age of party tech! So go forth and use your tech to create amazing experiences and evenings that you’ll never forget, because you’ll carry all the memories with you wherever you go (and not just on your smartphone!).