The Editorial this week highlights:- a. Thanking Vice President Meriton for his words of appreciation. b. Saint Ange Tourism Report’s readership continues to grow. c. African Tourism Board is for Africa what PATA is for Pacific & Asia. d. President of the African Tourism Board. e. World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town consolidated itself. f. President Danny Faure speaks to the world from a submersible. Will Seychelles ‘walk the talk’ and forget the military base next door to Aldabra? Stand alone articles this week:- 1. World Travel Market Africa 2019 was a tourism success . 2. Hilton Labriz is the most popular property in Africa to say ‘I do’ . 3. Marthinus van Schalkwyk is the new South African High Commissioner to Australia. 4. Air Mauritius confirms it will resume flights to Seychelles after a break of 15 years. 5. Want To Know How To Fit Seychelles In A Room? You Need To Visit Michael Adams’s Gallery In Mahé. 6. 4 family names linked to ships that shaped Seychelles’ history. 7. Seychelles has many types of bananas but not the Blue Java Banana: The Banana That Tastes ‘Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream’ . 8. Sainte Anne Marine Park – first park to be established as a Marine Protected Area in Seychelles. 9. Ethiopian Airlines releases new video on 73rd anniversary. 10. SriLankan Airlines Wants To Become The Next ‘Emirates’ . 11. Seychelles Present at the Access Luxury Travel Show Workshop in the capital city of the Czech Republic. 12. Closing Notes.

Alain St.Ange

Welcome to this 15th edition of the Saint Ange Tourism Report of 2019.

Thanking Vice President Meriton for his words of appreciation

News coming from Reunion Island was so pleasing. Last week Vice President Vincent Meriton, the Seychelles Vice President was on an official visit to Reunion Island and at one of the Official Dinners at the Reunion Prefet’s Residence in St. Denis he said the I was the best Tourism Minister Seychelles has had. I was happy and humbled to hear that these words of recognition by the island’s Vice President, words that were made at an official dinner hosted in his honour. Thank you Vice President Meriton, your words are appreciated.

Saint Ange Tourism Report’s readership continues to grow

The two recent tourism industry meetings in Seville in Spain and in Cape Town South Africa only reconfirmed the readership interest of the Saint Ange Tourism Report, and how well it is being circulated. New responsibilities will now see us move to give more coverage to the African Continent. This is because of the responsibility now after the nomination as President of the African Tourism Board.

African Tourism Board is for Africa what PATA is for Pacific & Asia

This African Tourism Board is for Africa and the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands what PATA is for Asia and the Pacific Region. Tourism must remain outside the political arena if it is to succeed and this will be my message as I plod along to work with tourism bodies and Government Ministers. When tourism stagnates those who have invested in that fragile industry are the first to suffer and they lose their investments as the hospitality trade employees lose their jobs and livelihood. We must let this industry succeed because it is not just an activity, but it is a fully fledged industry.

Today I can confirm that I will also work as close as I can with the CAF Chairman of the UNWTO, as I will open avenues of cooperation with the African Union (AU) Tourism Desk, the UNWTO, the WTTC and PATA. It is known and accepted that we have but one tourism industry, and that it remains the responsibility for everyone to work together to ensure that tourism is consolidated for the benefit of every country and for the people of all these countries. This is why we shall be working closely with the Press from Africa and empowering them as true partners in our drive to consolidate Africa Tourism.

President of the African Tourism Board

Juergen Steinmetz opening the launch meeting of the African Tourism Board at the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town

Addressing the delegates after the announcement was made that I was the President of the African Tourism Board

The African Tourism Board was founded in 2018 as an association that is internationally acclaimed for acting as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism to and from the African region.

The  African Tourism Board is part of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP)

The Association provides aligned advocacy, insightful research, and innovative events to its members.

  •  In partnership with private and public sector members, African Tourism Board (ATB) enhances the sustainable growth, value, and quality of travel and tourism to-from-and-within Africa.
  • The Association provides leadership and counsel on an individual and collective basis to its member organizations.
  • The Association is expanding on opportunities for marketing, public relations, investments, branding, promoting and establishing niche marketsCurrent activities:
  • Tourism security and wellness summits in member countries
  • PR & Marketing, Media outreach
  • Trade show participation
  • Road shows
  • Webinars
  • MICE Africa

At the 2019 WTM Africa at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), Africa’s premier exhibition and convention centre, the African Tourism Board took the necessary steps to formalise its leadership with the announcement of its President and CEO.

As the multinational body to promote the travel and tourism sector in Africa as was unveiled during the World Travel Market in London in November of last year, the African Tourism Board felt the time was right to move its main base to Africa as it seeks to enhance and promote the sustainable growth, value, and quality of travel on the African continent.

Ministers of Tourism and leaders of the African and international travel and tourism sector, along with exhibitors and visitors who came together in the Conference Theatre of the Cape Town International Convention Centre to join the African Tourism Board, an organization where Africa becomes one tourist destination heard the different speakers share their views and opinions on the need for an African Private Sector led organisation and the African Tourism Board will now stand as an official independent organization.

Kwakye Donker
CEO African Tourism Partners in Ghana and South Africa

Souvenir after the announcement was made about the appointed President who is based in Seychelles, and also the CEO of the African Tourism Board who is based in South Africa

eTN – Global Travel Industry News writes about the Cape Town WTM Africa Meeting:-

African Tourism Board Launch success: The beginning of a new era for African Travel & Tourism

The two arms of the African Tourism Board had their official launch event yesterday at the Cape Town International Convention Center Conference Theatre during World Travel Market Africa.

The African Tourism Board Association and the African Tourism Board Marketing Association are joining under the African Tourism Board umbrella and represent a new Chapter for Africa becoming one tourism destination. Both arms have access to the “ATB friends of the media group”, and are coordinating activities and events whenever possible.

The Association is fully under African Leadership. It’s based in South Africa, and is forming an initial group of directors to work with newly appointed President Alain St. Ange from Seychelles.

On his team of supporters are Cuthbert Ncube, Regional Vice-Chair UNWTO Affiliate Membership and Chief Executive Director Kwela Fleet Management. The Hon. Minister or Tourism for the Kingdom of Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, Kwakye Donker, CEO African Tourism Partners in Ghana and South Africa, Francoise Kameni Lele, AFBS Cameron, the Hon. Minister Madam Memunatu B. Pratt, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs for Sierra Leone, among many others.

African Tourism Board Marketing Association is based in the United States and is providing overseas marketing support for Africa under the leadership of Juergen Steinmetz of the eTN Group in Hawaii, USA and Doris Woerfel in Pretoria, South Africa. Together with a team of global supporters, the marketing arm of ATB will explore new opportunities and cost-sharing projects for inbound tourism for the African Continent.

As a start at the ATB launch last night Dov Kalmann explained the potential of travelers from Israel for Africa and introduced the new African Tourism Board office in Tel Aviv.

Arjun Mukundd from T&A Consulting India mentioned that the outbound travel from India is increasing at 10-12% annually and Indians are constantly looking at new destinations to explore. Africa with its rich culture, wildlife and pristine beaches would be a great holiday option for Indians.

Additional ATB offices are planned in the United States and Germany to start with.

Chairman Juergen Steinmetz explained: “Sharing resources, going after potential niche markets, sharing costs and giving both destinations and stakeholders representation in key markets will help to raise awareness for the African continent. We like to open a window for large, medium and small businesses in a sustainable way.”

Newly appointed CEO Doris Woerfel sees huge potential for Africa from China and will be concentrating to build a broad membership base in Africa for ATB.

The launch was an action-packed event in Capetown hosted by Carol Weaving, Managing Director of Reed Exhibition Africa. She pledged the support of the World Travel Market for African Tourism Board.

Cape Town Tourism CEO Enver Duminy supported the need for an African Tourism Board in his welcome remark.

The highlight of the event was a 30-minute presentation by Dr. Peter Tarlow on security and safety. There is no tourism without security, he said in an engaging session last night. Dr. Tarlow was appointed as the new Travel & Security advisor for African Tourism Board Marketing Association. He is leading

The launch started with a dinner sponsored by Tony Smith of the HongKong based iFREE Group . The group also provided free ATB sim cards to everyone attending.

World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town consolidated itself

Last week the focus of the tourism industry moved to Cape Town in South Africa where the World Travel Market Africa was being held. This event was being promoted as being the key opportunity to drive African Tourism.

Carol Weaving, the Managing Director for Reeds Exhibition Africa was seen everywhere and everyone agreed that this year’s trade show was a success and that the event is set to grow from strength to strength.

At the Seychelles Stand at WTM Africa I met with David Germain, Lena Hoareau and Melissa Samardzija of the Seychelles Tourism Board as well as Charles Johnson and Michelle Lafortune and their Team of Air Seychelles. It was an opportunity to discuss with them the demand for Seychelles as well as the happenings on the ground. It is always a pleasure to catch up with those flying the Seychelles Flag.

At the Eswatini Stand with their Minister and CEO of Tourism

President Danny Faure speaks to the world from a submersible.
Will Seychelles ‘walk the talk’ and forget the military base next door to Aldabra?

President Danny Faure of the Seychelles delivered a live address to the world from a depth of 124 metres below the ocean surface

Denis Chang Seng, posted an analysis on Social Media following President Faure’s message to the world.

He said:- 

Better Understanding at 124 m Deep: Better Decisions Forthcoming?

Very few men on earth has the opportunity to be submerged to the great depths of our ocean. This privilege went to President Danny Faure where he delivered a live address to the world from a depth of 124 metres below the ocean surface. It is a great day for the Seychelles and the Ocean and the environment. President Faure also said “At this depth, I can see not only the incredible beauty of our ocean, but the care that it urgently needs to stay this way. He then described the unique experience will make him an as even stronger advocate of ocean conservation and taking concrete actions to mitigate against climate change. He also stated that “We have managed to seriously impact this environment through climate change. I can see the incredible wildlife that needs protection. Over the years we have created these problems, we must solve them and we must solve them together.” Interestingly, most, if not all of us will never have a chance to be submerged to 124 m deep to understand what is at stake, however from above and on dry land we already knew what had to be conserved and protected, in particular from the Assomption saga and threats. The true patriots and heroes are out there, and I hail each and every one of you. The President now better understands everything at 124 m deep, and I hope we solve these problems once and for all, including forgoing the exploration of fossil fuel-the black gold which is the cause of climate change and destruction of marine life and ecosystem.

From the Editor’s Desk we can confirm that we were hoping to hear the Seychelles President announce the total abandonment of the Military Base at Assumption Island that sits right next door to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra. As President Faure made history addressing the world via the SKY News program from 124 meters under the sea, his message could have eased the anxiety that has overtaken the majority of the People of Seychelles and environment enthusiasts if he would have distanced himself from the India Military Base project, be it directly or indirectly through the cover of a Seychelles Coast Guard Base.

It is important to again acknowledge all who are diligently re-posting the Saint Ange Tourism Report weekly. Our Report ranges far and wide, from Australia to the Americas, from the Indian Ocean Vanilla islands to Africa & Asian and Greater Europe, with your continued support, which is greatly appreciated. You are helping us to grow from strength to strength with each new Edition.