Zanzibar Tourism Promotion Centre (ZTPC) office in India signed PSA agreement with two DMC’s and a healthcare operator in Mumbai last weekend, as part of its plan to channelize its tourism and investment growth through select 10 partners from India.

Jilesh Babla, Managing Director, ZTPC, India, said on the occasion: “As part of the agreement, the 3 PSA’s Travel Designer Group, Aryan Holidays and AAAHealthcare will receive special benefits in terms of ground arrangements for movements in Zanzibar and promotional deals for distribution to Indian sub-agent network. They will also get priority assistance and support in joint ventures and exclusive deals.”

ZTPC India, the only foreign office of the independent Island region of Tanzania, is establishing Preferred Service Agents (PSA) partnerships to boost the region’s prospects in both India and beyond. Travel Designer Group has its Global Headquarters in Dubai, apart from its Corporate Office in India. AAAHealthcare, a member of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH), India, has associate offices in Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, Kenya and Mauritius, where it has recently set-up a hospital.

Dr Ahmad S Mecklai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AAAHealthcare, said: “We specialize in delivering quality healthcare at affordable price and look forward to supporting Zanzibar Government through our services.”

Introducing sports tours promoting football, golf and scuba diving, organising Indian music festivals in Zanzibar, attracting film makers to shoot are being explored by ZTPC.

Sheldon Santwan and Rajiv Duggal, International Advisors, ZTPC, said that Zanzibar’s safety, entertainment options with quality nightlife and natural attractions and beaches make it an attractive destination to explore. There are 480 resorts for the small island that currently attracts 80 percent of visitors from the Italy, rest of Europe and the US. Shopping opportunity is also good. Many new excursions are being planned to attract Indian visitors.

Air Tanzania is awaiting clearance from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to operate direct flights to India. Visa to Zanzibar or Tanzania costs USD 50 and is available prior to travel through the Embassy in New Delhi or on arrival at any of the ports.

Mr Babla said: “Aim is to have just 10 partners in India, who will work as exclusive points of contact in particular fields. Four more PSA’s will be signed-in by month-end at New Delhi and further three are being scrutinised.” Arrivals from India to Zanzibar have increased from 4200 in 2015 to 7860 in 2018.

Written by Anand & Madhura Katti