Designed by Kengo Kuma with the concept of “A Journey Close to Nature”, Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing has created an “urban forest” in Wangjing with its grand opening in 2018. Resonating Hyatt’s philosophy, Shunpachi and The Music Bar make their debut in the new year of 2019, inviting guests to take on a flavor-filled journey. Through the serenity created by the bamboo forest, Shunpachi and Music Bar present guests a sonet of delicacy, offering a tranquil shelter from the city hustle.

Shunpachi – A Flavor-filled Journey

Izakaya is best translated as ‘Japanese Pub‘ – a place deeply rooted in Japanese culture. The origin of Izakaya goes back as far as the Edo period, and it soon gained its popularity across the country. Izakaya gives guests the refreshing comforts of a drink and freshly prepared food, for this is only the start of a magical entertaining night before another bustling day of work. Shunpachi resonates with traditional Izakaya culture, dedicated as a hub for the capital’s lifestyle socialites with exquisite Japanese Izakaya cuisine.

Designed by Nao Taniyama & Associates with the concept of “MATSURI”, Shunpachi shaped this authentic concept into an enjoyable and exciting gastronomic experience. As the face of the restaurant, the huge Guibourtia wood counter for the sushi bar offers guests a space to relax and enjoy. As the stainless Robata grill decorated with stainless Sudare is at the heart of the restaurant, giving a modern center stage to the chefs. Three individual private dining rooms are available for either friend and family gatherings or business meetings. When these traditional elements are given a contemporary twist combined with creative techniques, familiar experiences are invigorated with new expectations. Shunpachi presents the essence of Izakaya: authentic yet never traditional.

The word “Shun” means “in season”. A sophisticated menu of authentic dishes, echoing seasonal offerings, is crafted by our Chef, Mr. Kenji Maeda, with his dedication and attention to even the tiniest details. This is when guests realize, from Tokyo to Beijingthey are only one restaurant away. Dishes like Temari Sushi, Kombujime, Tempura and some Rabata specialties, all meant to be cooked with time-honored techniques blend with innovative signatures. In addition, various kinds of fresh sashimi and Japanese sushi are served to tickle guests’ taste buds. Along side the a-la-carte menu, Shunpachi also rolls out an array of special lunch offerings to provide a delicious moment for the ever-busy white-collar workers in the neighbourhood. All the dishes are meant to be shared. Shunpachi offers pure relaxation and indulgence in an “urban forest” setting, where a flavor-filled journey is unveiled.

The Music Bar – Lights Out,  Music On

Entering through the dark but inviting bamboo corridor, The Music Bar, hidden behind Shunpachi, transports guests back to the 1960’s party scene, with decorative lights, cheerful laughter and live music.

The unique space of The Music Bar is designed as “Secret Hobby Room” inspired by a night carnivalwhich gives a pleasure of indulging in the secret playground. Its art deco inspiration comes from music with details spanning through each piece of lights and ornaments blending with stacked speakers.The stage is designed with a bookshelf that lights up like anequalizer along with the rhythm to increase the musical and playful mood. With a total of 285 sqm space, The Music Bar is equipped with 77 sofa and armchair seats, as well as a private room with a nice garden view, allowing guests to choose their favorite seats and offering different experiences each time at the bar.The cult of going out and having fun is celebrated again with an array of DJs and live bands. Stunning events will be introduced to Wangjing’s nightlife scene, indolently glamorous, electrifying and intoxicating

The bar with stacked speakeroffers a spot to sip selected wines and spirits, first class cocktails as well as various types of Sake. Alongside these drinks, The Music Bar gives a cutting-edge twist to the bar with an array of exquisite snacks with a Japanese touch to keep guests’ night filled with sensation and satisfaction. The Music Bar, with its classy design and authentic services, makes it the new dream destination for fun-seekers from Tuesday to Saturday.

Special Opening Offer

To share this celebratory moment, Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing invites guests to embark on a flavor-filled journey in the capital city with its special opening offer. Valid from now to February 28th, 2019, guests will enjoy a special 20% discount on food at Shunpachi, as well as one complimentary cocktail at the Music Bar.

Hyatt Regency Beijing Wangjing brings a new chic and stylish locale in the heart of the Wangjing with the signature branding as Shunpaich & The Music Bar. When the traditional is combined with innovations, a fresh experience is catered to curious visitors, and an ever-lasting memory is formed right here in this urban forest.