When you think of casinos, you think of Las Vegas or Macau. But as these casinos show, some are located in truly unusual and unique places

Casinos are always exciting and glamorous places, but some casinos take this to the next level. There are a number of casinos around the world that are found in the most amazing places. Here are seven of the most unusual to put on your list.

1. Sun City Resort, South Africa

Escape into the wild by taking a trip to Sun City Resort in South Africa, where you will find a fantastic casino awaiting.

This luxury casino resort is in the North West Province, and it’s a place for getting away from it all. While the casino looks normal enough, it is the location that sets it apart. This casino is located right next to one of the continent’s best animal reserves – the Pilanesberg National Park.

That means you can be playing at a poker table one minute and heading out into the bush the next to spot the Big Five. As one of the biggest nature reserves in Southern Africa, you are sure to encounter lions, leopards and more.

2. Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

Casinos do not get much stranger than this! The Desert Cave Hotel is guaranteed to be unlike any other casino you have visited.

For a start, it’s located in the middle of the Australian outback, far away from anything. But that’s not all. Once you arrive, you will head down into an underground cave in order to play on the slot machines and other casino games.

The casino space has been carved from the ground, and there is even a shopping arcade and bar underground. It does not get more remote than this, and it’s a strange and surreal experience.

If you want to check out another casino, you will have to go to Adelaide – some 500 miles away.

3. Genting Malaysia

Genting is a famous name in the world of casinos, and it also owns this one. It really is in a league of its own.

Resorts World Genting is located far away in the Pahang Mountains in an absolutely stunning location over 6,000 metres above sea level. The huge resort and theme park is the perfect city escape, but what makes it truly amazing is that it is surrounded on all sides by a 130 million-year-old rainforest.

The nearest city will take you an hour to reach, and when you look out of the window at the clouds passing by, it really is the perfect way to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

The resort also boasts a stunning SkyCasino, which is set over two floor and offers a huge number of slots and table games.

4. Rivers Casino, Illinois

Although the Rivers Casino looks fairly normal from the outside, it is actually built on top of a pit of water.

Local gambling laws state that casinos are only permitted if they are operating on water. As a result, most of the casinos are riverboat casinos. But the owners of Rivers Casino found an inventive way to get around this rule by creating the casino on top of a large puddle.

It’s easy to get to from Chicago, and it is a large casino with over 1,000 slot machines and all the classic table games including poker favourites such as Texas Hold’em, but it’s the unique situation that really makes it one to remember.

5. Casino Palais Savarin, Prague

Prague may not be a particularly strange location, being as it is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. But the Casino Palais Savarin is anything but normal.

It is found in a Baroque building dating back to the 18th century, and the small casino has now been going for over 100 years. It only has a few slot machines and one table, but it is worth visiting for the amazing and very extravagant building it is housed in.

To get there, you go up a huge staircase, admiring the amazing frescoes as you go. It almost feels like you have gone back in time.

6. North Cadbury Court, England

If a medieval hall sounds like a great option for a casino, you’ll love North Cadbury Court. Housed inside the basement of this renovated hall in Yeovil, Somerset, which dates back to the 14th century, this private venue is a real treat.

The venue comes complete with a ballroom and lots of bedrooms, and the basement has been converted from its old use as a wine cave to an underground casino hosting up to 30 players.

It’s got all the popular games, and even a poker room – but you’ll have to book the whole venue if you want to play in it.

 (Image credit: pixabay.com)

7. Casino Jet Lounge

This casino may still only be a concept, but it’s worth a mention. Dreamed up by AirJet Designs and Designescence, this is a concept for a casino in an plane.

Providing a true luxury experience for people who are looking for something special on their flights, it plans to offer casino tables, a bar, space to mingle and relax, so passengers can enjoy the full casino experience while they are flying.

Now that sounds like a great way to travel!

Explore These Weird and Wonderful Casinos

So, feel like playing blackjack in a cave? Want to spin the roulette wheel on a puddle? If you love casinos and you want to discover what it’s like playing in a more unusual location, try one of these seven casinos out on your travels and enjoy a whole new experience along the way.