Renowned Australian travel researcher and marketer Bronwyn White will launch the findings of new primary research into the highly valuable +50s travel market on November 20, 2018 at Sydney’s Bondi Icebergs.

Outlining how to meet the changing needs, values and attitudes of the cohort she dubs ‘The New Young’, White will demonstrate why travel marketers need to take this influential market seriously.

“The ‘New Young’ will not be defined by age,” White explains.

“In fact, they are fighting it more than any other previous generation. There’s a considerable difference between their actual age and the way the ‘New Young’ think of themselves. They have high expectations and expect them to be met, quickly.

“This has a profound impact on the way we market, communicate to and innovate in this space.”

Attendees at the 3-hour workshop will receive invaluable insights into the New Young from the most recent primary research on the sector together, along with guidance on how to effectively connect with the market, including in the areas of marketing communications and branding.

White will help travel marketers navigate the nuances, language, imagery and messaging to connect with the market and to forge profitable ongoing relationships with a truly disruptive market.