The Government’s draft Tourism Strategy, released today, is closely aligned with the industry’s own vision and framework, Tourism Industry Aotearoa says.

The new strategy sets out how the Government and its agencies will support the $36 billion tourism industry, and complements the industry’s own growth framework, Tourism 2025.

“The Government’s new strategy correctly identifies in its vision statement that we must aim, through tourism, to enrich New Zealanders,” TIA Chief Executive Chris Roberts says.

“Government agencies play crucial roles in the delivery of outstanding visitor experiences.

“We are pleased to see that the Government is seeking the same outcomes from tourism in New Zealand as the industry – that it contributes positively to our communities and environment.”

The draft Government strategy is now out for public consultation. TIA has been able to participate in the development of the draft strategy and will provide formal feedback during the consultation phase, Mr Roberts says.

Today’s release comes just two days before an updated version of Tourism 2025 is presented to an audience of 300 industry leaders and stakeholders at Tourism Summit Aotearoa, in Wellington on 8 November.

Since the Tourism 2025 growth framework was last updated in 2016, tourism has continued to grow, presenting both challenges and opportunities for New Zealand, Mr Roberts says.

“The draft Tourism 2025 & Beyond growth framework we will unveil on Thursday recognises that growth has to be carefully managed and we have a responsibility to balance the needs of our visitors, our communities and our environment.

“We know our industry is ready for this new approach, because of the very strong take-up of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment which was released a year ago and now has over 600 businesses signed up,” he says.

“Following its release at the Summit, we will be seeking feedback on the draft Tourism 2025 & Beyond, with the final version to be released in the first quarter of 2019.”

The final version of the Government Tourism Strategy is also expected on a similar timeline.

“Having an activated public sector working with the industry on the key issues facing tourism bodes well for the sustainable development of tourism in New Zealand,” Mr Roberts says.