The boating culture of Australia continues to grow year on year. With the most coveted waters in the world, it’s clear to see why international visitors and locals flock to the water to experience it all. 

These boats that are bought and rented by a range of enthusiasts have to store them somewhere, and berths are always a commodity in hot demand – so why not invest in a boat berth? Compared to mainstream investment types, you couldn’t have asked for an easier and straightforward arrangement, not to mention a more exciting one. Read on to consider why more Australians are choosing to invest in boat berths.

Low maintenance investment

The insurance involved in a commercial property is complex, and that’s putting it lightly. Residential investment properties are also complex, and tenants tend to act as they please with the lease up all too often and the need to hunt for new and reliable tenants. Contrastly, boat berths for sale represent a great investment where the storage space do a lot of the grunt work and the renters of your berth are boat lovers who are well versed in the correct protocol. There is very little maintenance needed to operate a boat berth space, no electrical or plumbing dramas or mould and other sinister issues to content with.

Great for retirement

Investments represent different things to different people. Some love to be hands on and working hard for that revenue. Others like to acquire reliable assets that grow steadily and bring in regular tenants. Having a boat berth is the latter. Steady cash flow topping up your super, or perhaps allowing you to live a little more comfortably while you enjoy full or semi-retirement. It might surprise you to learn that most SMSF invests in boat berths too. It also diversifies your portfolio, which may be an attractive quality for future clients and dealings as you grow your empire. Choose an investment property that will yield returns and promise you a comfortable retirement.

Pay for your own boat expenses

Chances are, if you are considering boat berths as an investment, you are a bit of a boat fan yourself. You may like to be captain, or simply enjoy a seat on ship. Whatever your interest level, having a boat berth investment property will give you more time in the boating community and the revenue may even cover your own boat expenses. A boat berth is more affordable than a boat, so think about how this investment property can holster you to acquiring your future boat.

It’s not season specific

It may surprise you to know that boat season is a twelve month thing. Every day the masses flock to the water, in search of sea, sand and sun. To us Australians, you can fall in the trap of thinking that our winters are too cold for any outdoor activity. But that is not the case of boating, and the thousands of people the water beckons in the colder months. Having an investment property boat berth will not be season specific, unlike other investment options such as property. No one knows what’s around the corner, so choose an investment option that will yield you a healthy flow of business year in and year out.

Considering an investment property is an exciting time, and if this opportunity takes you to the water? Even better. Set up your retirement with an easy investment that will yield you strong returns throughout the calendar year. Boat storage facilities are a full service arrangement so the storage space does a lot of the heavy lifting, allowing you a low maintenance investment. Diversify your portfolio choose an investment property that is going to work for you.