MOKUTAN, Hong Kong’s latest sleek and contemporary Japanese Izakaya, celebrates grand opening in the vibrant heart of Tsim Sha Tsui at Empire Prestige. An exclusive, hole-in-the-wall gem designed for epicureans in the know, MOKUTAN offers a repertoire of high-quality, seasonal specialties, highlighting three affordable Omakase menus from HK$288.

MOKUTAN boasts a design that is reminiscent of Japan’s zen character. An expansive white wall marks the entrance to the restaurant, projecting a sense of simplicity that contrasts the eclectic bustle signature to Tsim Sha Tsui. Inside, down-to-earth materials such as packed earth, wood, and paper are used to give the space a minimalist feel, paying homage to an era of Japanese history.

An intimate space which seats 26 people, the L-shape open kitchen offers the perfect opportunity for diners to see the culinary team in action.

MOKUTAN’s three Omakase menus include a 9-course option featuring Chef’s choice of appetizer, meat and vegetable skewers, simmered dish, and soup (HK$288); or a 13-course menu showcasing more lavish dishes at HK$428. Those who crave for a complete MOKUTAN Izakaya experience may enjoy a sumptuous 18-course menu at HK$688, sampling an appetizer, 6 meat skewers, 6 vegetable skewers, a simmered dish, soup, grilled dish, seasonal seafood and rice.

Crafted to highlight the authentic flavors of Japanese Izakaya, MOKUTAN’s a la carte menu showcases a robust choice of Japanese classics. Chicken yakitori, the quintessential staple, features Satsuma chicken fresh from Kagoshima. It is presented in a multitude of ways; demonstrating the different flavors from a whole bird.  Highlights include the bird’s neck, kidney, skin, heart, and tail, all of which are perfectly grilled under the expert hands of the culinary team.

Meat lovers can also enjoy classic skewers such as Minced Chicken (HK$48), Angus Beef Short Rib (HK$66), and a selection of seafood highlighting MOKUTAN Threadfin (HK$168), Water Eel (HK$68) and Yellowtail Joint (HK$138), while vegetarians have a vast menu of seasonal vegetable skewers to choose from. Japanese favorites such as Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls, HK$38-HK$48), Ochazuke (Rice in Green Tea Soup, HK$48), Onsen Tamago with Black Truffles (HK$68)Grilled Dried Cod Fish (HK$198), and Cheese Mochi (HK$28) serve as delectable side dishes.

Offering business executives the ideal Japanese lunch option is MOKUTAN’s special bento menu, featuring signature dishes such as the “MOKUTAN Threadfin” (HK$128) a light tasting but firm white fish and “MOKUTAN Chicken” (HK$98), a perfectly grilled chicken yakitori drenched in house special sauce that brings the right amount of fuel to power through the afternoon slump.  Those who desire something heartier may opt for the succulent “Pork Belly” (HK$98), the melt-in-your-mouth Angus Beef Short Rib (HK$128), or the tender and distinctively taste “Lamb Chop” (HK$118).  All lunch sets are served with daily special appetizer, soup, salad, and rice.

Complementing the yakitori experience, diners may choose to pair their meals with premium sake such as Daina, Born and Dassai; while luscious plum wine from Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai make a perfect aperitif.

“The simplicity in which yakitori is presented masks the technique and skill that goes into the dish,” shares Benson Ling, co-owner of MOKUTAN and brainchild of trendy sushi roll concept – Chottomaki.  “At MOKUTAN, we are delighted to bring a genuine Yakitori experience in a relaxing and intimate setting.”

MOKUTAN is located at Shop 2, G/F Empire Prestige, 8 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.  For reservations, please call :  (852) 2708-2009.