Police have finally caught up with a man who allegedly went berserk and assaulted a patron at one tourist attraction and then dived naked into a tank full of sharks at another.

The bizarre incidents happened within hours of each other at two separate tourist attractions in Toronto, Canada, and the same man is suspected to have been involved in both.

Police responded to reports of a fight at Medieval Times, a dinner-jousting-and-pageantry family attraction in Toronto. A visitor there was said to have violently assaulted a patron and then fled.

Not long after, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada called to say a man had stripped, jumped over a security barrier and dived naked into its aquarium shark tank.

The naked diver, who witnesses said appeared “totally relaxed” once he got into the water, was filmed on video. Footage shows a bald man swimming in the shark tank. Other clips show a security guard yelling at him to get out.

The man eventually left the pool, only to dive back in again to a wildly cheering crowd, the Huffington Post reported.

The suspect (described as having a shaven head, a missing front tooth and a tattoo on his lower leg) then departed, with police in hot pursuit seeking to charge him with assault causing bodily harm, mischief and committing an “indecent act”.

“There were no injuries to the man, animals or patrons,” an aquarium spokesperson stated.

Ai-yi-yi! Tourists visiting Sharks after Dark at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada saw more than they bargained for

The only person hurt appears to have been the victim who was assaulted at Medieval Times. In that incident, police say a man who was escorted out by staff for being unruly re-entered the attraction, kicked in two glass doors and then – in an apparently random attack – assaulted a 34-year-old man outside.

Police eventually arrested the suspect. He faces a number of charges.

Written by Peter Needham