Online food company Deliveroo has today announced the launch of new delivery services and features under its corporate offering, ‘Deliveroo for Business’ in Australia, which now provides food delivery services to hundreds of business customers in Australia.

Building on its successful Australian launch in 2016, which came in response to the growing number of Australians ordering Deliveroo at their place of work, Deliveroo for Business has been expanded to reach more corporate customers with a range of new features and services, offering further opportunities for people to receive food deliveries outside of their homes. Globally, Deliveroo is working with over 7,000 corporate customers around the world.

The new services which will be available for businesses to take advantage of include:

  • Hotels: Following a trial partnership with Meriton Suites in Australia, Deliveroo for Business has now rolled out its hotel room service capabilities in Australia and globally. This service will reach up to 9,600 hotel rooms across Australia from partners including Meriton Suites, Quest Apartments and TFE Hotels which includes Adina, Travelodge, Vibe and Rendezvous Hotels. This will allow travellers to order Deliveroo from their hotel rooms; it also allows hotels to reduce costs from expensive room service in-house.
  • Events: Deliveroo for Business will offer catering services for large-scale events. In an August trial, Deliveroo for Business catered the world’s largest drone racing championship in the United Kingdom. As we approach the Summer months Deliveroo for Business is anticipating strong demand for catering at Christmas parties and end-of-year functions across Australia.
  • Fruit Basket & Snacks: Deliveroo for Businesses will begin trialling a service in the coming months that will allow businesses to use Deliveroo to arrange regular deliveries of fruit & snacks to their offices.

A rollout of these services commenced in Deliveroo’s 13 international markets last month and are now available in Australia. Deliveroo for Business will continue to provide office catering from select restaurants nationally, allowing offices to upgrade from the standard sandwich platter to bao platters, for example.

Deliveroo Australia Country Manager Levi Aron said that with a range of new features and services, Deliveroo for Business demonstrates that Deliveroo is fulfilling its mission of becoming the definitive food company, offering people food wherever and whenever they want it, and providing the opportunity for restaurant partners to reach even more customers.

“Deliveroo is going from strength-to-strength in Australia, and we now have a network of 6,500 riders delivering food from over 7,000 restaurants. With the expansion of Deliveroo for Business, we are helping businesses streamline the process of providing meals to staff and hotel guests, while ultimately providing even greater opportunities for Australians to access their favourite foods from Deliveroo in even more settings. We are also creating further opportunities for restaurants on our platforms to reach more customers at more times.”

“We first launched Deliveroo for Business in Australia two years ago in response to a growing trend of local customers ordering Deliveroo to their office, providing them with more choices and benefits when working late. Since then we have seen significant uptake from corporate customers, and we are excited to be offering even more services and features.”

Deliveroo for Business has been exceptionally well received in Australia over the past two years, with a number of businesses telling Deliveroo that the service has helped them provide greater food selections to employees, improve delivery efficiency, and take the stress out of catering work events. Businesses to use Deliveroo for Business in Australia include Eventbrite, LinkedIn and Flagstaff Partners.

Deliveroo for Business key facts (past 12 months):

  • Italian has been the most popular cuisine
  • Wednesday and Thursdays are the most popular ordering days
  • Top restaurants have included Macchiato in Sydney and Hawker Hall in Melbourne
  • Top professional industries by orders include technology & telecommunications, management consulting, and law
  • CBD locations are the most popular ordering areas for Deliveroo for Business