It’s nowhere near April Fool’s Day but cans of New Zealand fresh air have been spotted selling at Auckland Airport for close to $100 a pack.

Britain’s Daily Mail online has noted it and there are pictures on Twitter. Journalist Damien Christie was the first to publicise his find. He spotted four cans of “Pure Fresh New Zealand Air” carrying a price tag of NZD 98.99 at a duty free shop at Auckland International Airport and posted it on Instagram.

Next thing, Christie spotted it in the New Zealand Herald and commented on it on Twitter.

The “value pack” cans are said to save customers NZD 20 off the normal retail price.

The bottles come with breathing masks attached to inhale that wondrous New Zealand fresh air. Ahhhh! The air is sold globally by a company called Kiwiana which apparently “harvests” the air above the snow line in New Zealand’s South Island.

Don’t breathe it too fast or put it in your tyres.

Written by Peter Needham