The magnificent and remote ‘lost’ Inca ruins of Choquequirao are on borrowed time, warns Peru trekking expert, Andreas Holland, with plans for cable car access set to elevate Choquequirao’s popularity – and change forever its peaceful and quiet ambience.

According to Andreas Holland, who has lived and operated treks and adventures in Peru for more than 30 years, several of Peru’s attractions are on the cusp of major change. 

“The Peruvian Government is moving to protect some of its attractions from overtourism,” Holland said, “and the fact that more and more travellers are open to alternative treks to the well known Inca Trail means there remain plenty of destinations to experience Peru away from the crowds.”

Andreas Holland - South America travel expert“Remoteness helps preserve harder to reach places, so trekkers have the best chance to accessing these highlights,” he said.  “Choquequirao has been on World Expeditions’ Peru itineraries for many years, yet it remains comparatively unknown, because of the difficulty getting there – but that is set to change.”

Holland, who is well known as one of the world’s most experienced Latin America experts, is World Expeditions’ guest presenter at its South America Road Show, a series of free information nights, to be held around the country in October and November.

World Expeditions operates introductory cultural tours, bike excursions and exhilarating treks in South America and the Road Show will explain how it’s possible to:

• Walk to Machu Picchu without a permit
• Join unique adventures in Peru’s sacred mountains, including Salcantay and Humantay
• Undertake a challenging trek in the Huayhuash, Blanca & Vilcabamba Ranges
• Explore the spectacular Chimu & Moche archaeological sites in Northern Peru
• Dine out on Peru’s remarkable and now world-famous cuisine
• Hike Patagonia ‘W Trek’ and many other walks
• Take a jungle walk in the heart of the Amazon rainforest
• Cruise the Galapagos Island for unique wildlife experiences

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