Storm Ali battered Britain recently, covering runways in rainwater and producing some spectacular landings and takeoffs.

At the height of the storm, a woman died in Ireland after high winds blew her caravan off a cliff. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity as Ali flattened power lines.

One of Britain’s great airport video photographers, who goes by the professional name flugsnug, filmed the following landings – and a go-around – at Birmingham Airport.


Flugsnug also shot the following brief clip, showing a Ryanair plane almost dancing an Irish jig as it takes off.


But the ultimate clip is surely this one, below. It’s not by flugsnug and it’s billed as “the most dangerous and extreme crosswind ever caught on video”, showing a commercial airliner spinning a full 360 degrees.

Is it genuine?

Put it this way: if you believe this one, you’ll believe anything!

Written by Peter Needham