Qantas has announced a round of new services available through its Agency Connect program.

Fare Quotes and Reassessments 

Agents can now request Fare Quotes and Reassessments online via the airline’s form submission. The Qantas Agency Connect Team will complete requests and respond with your quote.

Agents are invited to complete the Fare Quote and Reassessment learning bite which guides them through the online form.

Name Correction
Need to correct a customer’s name? Complete a simple online process to receive your specific policy response, individual authority or ticketing where applicable.

For ticketed bookings, a fee for service will continue to apply and be collected by EMD. In a future enhancement, agents will be able to make payment by credit card.

Qantas says agents should complete the Name Correction learning bite now to understand more about this service.

Class Upgrade
Need to request a class upgrade? Qantas says its online process will give you an instant response.

Cancelled in Error 
Agents can now reinstate flights cancelled in error using the Qantas online service.

My requests
Qantas reminds agents that they can view their request number in My requests.

How to access Qantas Agency Connect
To access all the features of Qantas Agency Connect, travel agency team members will need to log in to the website using their valid IATA or TIDS number and agency password.

Agency Managers are required to register their agency to ensure access to full functionality of Qantas Agency Connect. An agency password will be required from late 2018.

Edited by William Sykes