Coffee. Java Juice. Some may say, the elixir of life. Throughout history coffee has been everything from medicine to a form of currency. No matter its past, coffee is now a powerful trade commodity in modern society with many considering getting their morning coffee as an unmissable daily ritual – and if it disappeared tomorrow the world would undoubtedly be thrown into chaos.

Coffee lovers rejoice with these caffeine induced trips from TTC this International Coffee Day:

Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii isn’t the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of coffee but the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii are home to Kona plantations, aka the most expensive coffee beans in the world! Why not treat yourself to the best with an expert local specialist on-hand to talk through what makes this coffee so special on Trafalgar’s Best of Hawaii trip – samples provided!

Melbourne, Victoria

You don’t need to travel half way around the world to experience amazing coffee. Bursting with hipster vibes, old school coffee machines and ironic moustaches – Melbourne’s trendy laneway cafes host some of the best coffeeshops in Australia and your guide on Inspiring Journeys Victoria’s Hidden Gems holds the map to the stars of the Melbourne coffee scene. Hot tip: Make sure you check out the Truman Café famous for the Avo-latte.


If you like to wake up to a nice, strong brew the next place on your travel hit list will be Turkey. Something you may not know is that in the strictest interpretations of the Quran – Turkey’s strong style of coffee was considered a drug and its consumption was forbidden. Its thanks to a 15th century sultan in 15th who eventually bowed to public pressure and lifted the ban, so now guests on Insight Vacations Wonders of Turkey can indulge in strong coffees to their hearts content.

Southern India

The Malabar coast of India is world famous for its signature Monsooned Malabar coffee process. By exposing the beans to monsoon rain and wind for up to 4 months, the resulting coffee gives off a chocolatey aroma and boasts notes of spice and nut. You can pick up one of these Indian delicacies at Eat My Cake – a café run by local widows in Pondicherry whilst also giving back to the local community on Contiki’s Southern Spice adventure.


If you’re wanting a little more than just strong coffee, head to London on Busabout’s European Hop-on Hop-off network and enjoy a special coffee inspired drink that’s got a bit more of a kick to it. The Espresso Martini started life in 1983 as the Vodka Espresso in the Soho Brasserie in London, reportedly after a customer asked for a drink that would both wake her up and get her tipsy. This dream concoction is now well renowned across the globe, but don’t miss the opportunity to experience one at the site of its conception while in London.