Award-winning Cantonese Restaurant, Dynasty, is delighted to present an intriguing Beer Pairing menu crafted by Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing, throughout October and November. Savour the 6-course menu demonstrating authentic flavours and diversified cooking techniques of Cantonese Cuisine, paired with 2 craft beers by Duvel Moortgat, a Belgian brewery with over 150 years of history, to discover the unusual pairing experience!

With comprehensive knowledge in Cantonese cuisine and food pairing, Chef Suen has specially crafted a series of flavourful delicacies to pair with the artisan craft beers by Duvel Moortgat, bringing ultimate enjoyment to foodies! Established in 1871, Duvel Moortgat’s beer is now enjoyed by countless beer lovers in over 60 countries. Nowadays, the beer is still brewed with profound respect for the original recipe and is considered as the standard for specialty beers re-fermented in bottle.

The distinctive pairing menu begins with Baked Fresh Lobster in Sea Urchin Sauce. The lobster is slightly fried and then baked with the tantalizing sauce made with Bafun Sea Urchin and mayonnaise. The lobster meat remains exceptionally juicy with a notable umami taste that is further elevated by the Urchin sauce, presenting an unforgettable taste to diners! The indulgence goes on with Deep-fried Crispy Ox Ribs. The Ox Rib is simmered in a special sauce made with rock sugar, spices and soy sauce for an hour, until it is softened and has absorbed all the flavours. It is then deep-fried to present a crispy skin with tender texture inside. The Deep-fried French Quail Legs with Five Spice Chilli Accompanied with Marinated Tribute Vegetable with Chilli Peppercorn Sesame Sauce is equally remarkable. Chef Suen marinates the French Quail Leg in a special sauce with aromatic vegetables like coriander before deep-frying it, adding an additional flavour to the dish. The Quail Leg is served with the spicy marinated Tribute Vegetables, bringing you sublime layers of aromatic, crispy and sweet sensations!

These wonderful dishes will be paired with Vedett Extra White, a Belgian Premium Wheat Beer by Duvel Moortgat. Only natural ingredients, such as wheat, barley, hops, coriander and dried orange peel are used in the brewing process. The beer was re-fermented in the bottle for weeks, ensuring the taste palette is fully developed. Its fresh and subtle aromas of citrus and herbs match perfectly with the aromatic vegetables in the Quail Leg dish, while the mildly sour taste and dry finish of the beer moderate the strong flavours of the dishes. The combination between the rich flavours of the dishes and the refreshing white beer is a heavenly enjoyment to your palate!

The intriguing pairing journey continues with Sauteed Kale with Dried Shrimp and Minced Pork served in Clay Pot. This palatable dish is cooked with shrimp paste and Dynasty’s homemade X.O. sauce, delivering a rich flavour that can perfectly pair with beer. Poached Vermicelli with Fillet of Garoupa, in Hot and Spicy Soup is another highlight for beer pairing. The aromatic spicy soup is prepared with chillies, Sichuan peppercorn and fish bone. Chef Suen ingeniously adapts Cantonese cuisine technique into this Sichuanese dish, replacing the thin fish slices with thick Garoupa fillet with delicate texture that is wildly popular in Cantonese cuisine. If you cannot take spicy food, the Poached Vermicelli with Fillet of Garoupa, Preserved Egg and Coriander in Fish Broth will be an excellent choice, bringing you a relatively mild flavour enhanced with the aroma of fish, coriander and persevered egg.

The flavours of these dishes will be further elevated by Duvel, the brewery’s star product. This Belgian Strong Blond Beer has a unique brewing process. It has been re-fermented for 14 days in warm conditions and stabilized for 6 weeks in cold storage, delivering fresh and subtle hop aromas with a touch of fruit and slightly bitter aftertaste, which adds freshness to the clay pot dish. The brewing recipe using Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding aroma hops has remained unchanged for decades. The refreshing floral and fruity flavour balances the spiciness and oiliness of the hot and spicy soup, and enhances the umami taste of the Garoupa Fillet. You will surely be impressed by the unusual pairing! Don’t forget to complete your intriguing journey withDynasty’s dessert platter for a sweet ending!

Dynasty’s Duvel Moortgat Beer-Pairing menu is available from 1 October till 30 November. We welcome guests to come and feast with family and friends. The menu is priced at HK$688 per person (minimum for two persons). Come and explore the intriguing Beer-pairing experience at Dynasty!

For reservation and enquiries, please contact us at (852) 2802 8888 or Above price is subject to 10% service charge.