Luxury Escapes, Australia’s fastest growing travel company partners with iconic photography brand, Nikon to celebrate World Tourism Day, with an InstaMeet in Melbourne’s CBD.  

The InstaMeet – the first of its kind for Luxury Escapes – focuses on the theme of this year’s United Nations World Tourism Day around advances in big data, artificial intelligence and digital platforms within the tourism industry.

Across all digital platforms, Luxury Escapes and Nikon Australia will be posting live content from the event. The brands will leverage a new audience of “micro influencers” through the creation of the intimate InstaMeet. Predominantly tapping into the network of Independent Professionals who love to travel for food and share their experiences with the world.

The group of “micro-influencers”, accompanied by a “macro-influencer” and Nikon Photographer, Georgia McDermott (@georgeats), will explore and promote Melbourne as a tourism destination and increase visitation.

John Young, Marketing Manager of Nikon Australia, said “As the official Imaging Partner of Luxury Escapes, we are excited to help create new ways of capturing stories and reliving those memories. By using Nikon’s innovative SnapBridge app photographers can wireless transfer their memories to compatible smart devices to instantly share with family and friends around the world.”

Mr. Young added. “The InstaMeet provides a great avenue for us to capture and share the unique experiences of Melbourne through amazing photography and videography. By partnering with the selected influencers, we hope it will further provide inspiration to those who crave new photographic and travel experiences.”

Some of the experiences include ‘Dinner by Heston Blumenthal’, which is an award-winning restaurant serving exceptional and inventive reinterpretations of historic British dishes. The group will be treated to signature cocktails, Vegemite ice cream and other exotic delicacies.

Co-Founder and CEO of Luxury Escapes, Adam Schwab, said the event will increase brand awareness for Luxury Escapes and highlight the company’s offering of great deals in amazing places.

“By combining “micro” and “macro” influencers the reach is over one million followers. This large pool of influence will be a combined effort of storytelling through images from various brands including Nikon Australia, City of Melbourne, Visit Victoria and a string of lesser-known influencers.”

The Insta community will post using Luxury Escapes, Nikon Australia, City of Melbourne and Visit Victoria hashtags. These include @luxury.escapes #Luxuryescaping and @NikonAustralia #MyNikonLife @WhatsOnMelb #melbmoment @VisitVictoria

Luxury Escapes is one of Australia’s largest home-grown, pure-play ecommerce businesses with more than 200 employees, operating in four continents, with an annual turnover of more than AU$300 million. From a standing start less than five years ago, more than half a million people take a Luxury Escape each year, while Luxury Escapes has one of the highest Net Promoter Scores globally in any sector (75 NPS).