At NATAS Holidays 2018, held from August 17 to 19, Kaohsiung Agriculture Department presents “Happy Farmer — One-day Rural Camp in Kaohsiung”. More details about the tour will be provided at the booth (Booth No. 3H30). Dried fruits will also be available for tasting so that visitors can experience the passion of fruit in Taiwan.

In 2013, the Kaohsiung government started Happy Farmer Program, and since then, they have given many tours of agriculture communities and facilities, such as “Happy Farmer — One-day Rural Camp in Kaohsiung”, a famous tour in southern Taiwan. Along with local tourists from Taiwan, they have attracted lots of tourists from Hong KongJapan and Singapore. Visitors can experience harvesting different seasonal vegetables and fruits, and learn more about agriculture through farmers’ explanations. Tourists can also experience traditional activities such as pounding mochi with an aboriginal tribe, building an earth oven, making a scarecrow and so on.

Fang Chi-feng, the Division Chief of Kaohsiung Agriculture Department, said, “We are happy to attend NATAS Holidays again to introduce ‘Happy Farmer — One-day Rural Camp in Kaohsiung’Many kinds of tours have been prepared for you to explore Taiwan in many ways.”