This year, the mooncake has been elevated to a completely different level by Grand Hyatt Macau. Presenting the tradition in a nontraditional way, we offer the opportunity to give a gift that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every year, guests and visitors to Grand Hyatt Macau eagerly anticipate seeing the unconventional way mooncakes are presented. This year, the delicious treats will be enclosed in their own mini retro fridge, thrilling loved ones before they have even opened the box to reveal the delicious mooncakes inside.

Possibly the hippest mooncake presentation box ever, the cool retro fridge is an innovative design, once again making Grand Hyatt Macau’s festival token stands out amongst all. In addition to its iconic look, the fridge can be set to either cold or warm, making it functional as well as stylish. With a design inspired by European decorative ornaments and the striking flower patterns often used on traditional Portuguese tiles, the fridge comes in white with two different floral patterns that both symbolize the colorful heritage of Macau.

Inside the fridge, accompanied with expertly crafted recipes, are delicious pastry mooncakes in four flavors, including red dates, milk with red bean paste, sweet potato and taro.

The mooncakes will be available for presale at Grand Hyatt Macau’s Lobby Boutique from today and can be picked up from September 1, 2018 to September 24, 2018. Each box is priced at MOP 569*. For more details or to place an order contact +853 8868 1131 / +853 8868 1908 or email

*All prices are subject to 5% government tax.