Airbnb properties are not quite like hotels – as illustrated by the case of a couple kicked out their Airbnb for being nude in a spa pool they had thought was private and just for them.

The story surfaced in New Zealand, posted on Instagram and picked up by Fairfax media over the Tasman.

Lauren Eve claims she and her partner were evicted by the owners of the Airbnb they had booked in Pahia (the main tourist town in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand’s far north) after the owners found them watching the sunrise naked in the property’s spa pool. The spa was supposed to be private, Eve says.

Eve says the hosts scolded her and her partner after discovering them. According to Eve, the owners give them a few hours to pack their belongings and find somewhere else.

Eve, who describes herself as an “aerial instructor and performer living with fibromyalgia and scoliosis” posted on Instagram: “So they live next to the house and only want u in the spa an hour. They were like watching thru their window or something (not sure on that at all) when we got in and started timing us. When we were six minutes (or there about) over the guy came into the area and instructed us we were over time and he wants us to get out and then saw we were nude. Then they just like flipped out – so yeah they literally came into the area to make a point of being offended.”

Below, another of Eve’s New Zealand spa pool experiences, better this time.

Observers have pointed out a big difference between hotels and Airbnb properties. Airbnb hosts can be more intrusive than hotel staff. You never know what kind of host you’ll end up with – and the same sort of surprises can befall hosts when they find out the guests they have invited.

Eve says hosts should not be able to come into areas they have said are private.

Written by Peter Needham